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Introducing the Mini Package

After running ads for 14 years we found a gap in the market for eCom stores that were ready for ads, but couldn’t commit to the investment of hiring help.

So we created the Mini – designed to repurpose your existing content, with a refined “mini” strategy and the results have been outstanding.

Results Generated

The mini package runs on up to $50 a day, and the results have been excellent, below are the stats from 3 seperate clients, in 3 seperate industries, all with just $50 a day spent.

What would an extra $7k, $9k or $13k do to your business?



Sales Generated


Sales Generated


Sales Generated


How It Works

The mini package is simple, we repurpose your existing content from socials, occasionally adding a small extra for graphic design and start testing. We usually recommend a cold audience campaign and a retargeting campaign, but we can swap retargeting for lead generation if your email list is extremely profitable.

We then start testing audiences and creatives and find what works.

It’s great for testing the waters when you aren’t confident in what Meta Ads can do for you in a lower stakes environment as these packages start at just $699 per month.

The Results

The results from the mini packages have been grand, one client has had to scale their production as they kept selling out, another has had repeated best months ever and all have seen an increase in sales.

We’ve had ROAS ranging from a respectable 4x return to a whopping 19x return.

And many clients have gone on to upgrade to bigger packages as they were able to scale their businesses.

What the clients have to say:

We had our BEST MONTH EVER!!!
Dahna and her team are an absolute JOY to work with! This was my first foray into hiring an agency for social media Ads and I was honestly a bit skeptical at the start. Once I met with Dahna, I knew that she was going to be great to work with and was excited to get started. Fast forward a few months later, and I am blown away by the results! We just had our best month ever, and this is not even our busy season! As a small business owner, and being new to paid advertising, I really appreciated that Dahna was willing to work within my budget. She is never pushy about spending more and really meets you where you are. I highly recommend Bright Red Marketing.

And another:

Dahna and her team are amazing to work with – they made everything so easy and seamless. We finally feel like meta ads are working for us! Dahna and her team not only did what they said they were going to do we are also seeing the results from the teams efforts. Dahna has taken the time to understand our business, she’s easy to communicate with and effortlessly explains ad options as well as scaling possibilities with us. It’s so exciting to reach new people with a meta ads campaign we are confident with.

And another:

Dahna and her team are delightful to work with. Dahna is very friendly and approachable and communicates regularly.
Our ads have definitely exceeded our expectations achieving 10x up to 20x ROAS!
Working with Dahna is a pleasure and I’d highly recommend to any small business owner looking to grow their business.

Want to see what we can do for your business? Book in a free strategy session today!

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