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But does it work?

By June 27, 2012October 27th, 2021No Comments

With any kind of social media, the one question that we are asked regularly as Marketers is, “But does it work?” The answer is yes! However, it’s not a simple answer. There is work involved, and creating a Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest account isn’t magically going to mean you have thousands of followers and an influx of new business. In many cases, we aren’t entirely sure why things go viral, or why particular brands are more successful socially than others. But one thing is for sure, those that are successful are making an effort.

They are constantly posting new information – some of it is relevant, some is just interesting to the market. They are engaging with their network – whether it’s responding to a Facebook message, retweeting on Twitter, or repining another’s Pins. The only way to build up your network, no matter which medium you decide to use, is to consistently be posting quality information. It can take a while, and you might not see success for a week or even a few months, but the thing with social media, is when it takes off… It takes off.

Here are two examples from other current clients of mine, and friends of clients:

Pinterest subscriptions:

One of my clients has just set up a Pinterest account that we have been working on. One of her clients repined a particular image. We were looking at the subscription statistics from her website – It has a pop-up prompting users to subscribe to the newsletter when they first visit. That day there were 50 new subscribers!

Most days would receive maybe one or two new subscriptions. We couldn’t, at this point, figure out where they were coming from. After a little bit of research, we discovered that they were coming directly from Pinterest. That image that the client had repined had been repined by a large number of people, who had all visited the site and quite a few had subscribed to the newsletter. This just shows that all it takes is one image, and one follower to start a trend that can generate a lot of traffic.

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Facebook likes:

One of my client’s friends has been slowly working on her Facebook page for a while. She regularly posts updates, images, and news. The page had plateaued at about 200 likes. Until she posted a certain picture. There was nothing too extraordinary about this picture, in fact, we still can’t figure out why it went viral – but within one week of this picture being posted her page went viral. She now has over 1,600 Facebook Likes and people are interacting with her page every day!

This is just to show you that you never know what will bring your page success. It could be a quote, a success story, there is no magic formula to make something go viral on networking sites, just keep trying and posting interesting, engaging, and relevant material and you too could post a picture that takes your page and turns it into the next viral phenomenon.

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