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The other day my PT asked me for some marketing advice, and I thought I’d share with you what I told him!

Now every personal trainer has different goals and ambitions, some are just using it to earn some money while they finish a degree, others want to turn their business into an empire… either way these five strategies will help you on your way, and are applicable for many other industry types.

1. Above Excellent Customer Service

I know I am always going on about customer service, but it is a vital and often forgotten aspect of your marketing and no surprises, but customer service is essential when you run a service-based business.

Offer your clients weight and measurement tracking, get them to record a food diary and give them tips to improve, send them copies of their programs, make use of all your skills and knowledge to provide the best service possible. Don’t forget to keep up to date on your clients’ goals and priorities, and make sure you are helping them to achieve what THEY want.

2. Instagram

Instagram is a brilliant marketing tool in the personal development and fitness world. Show off your hard work and the hard work (before and afters) of your clients, use motivational quotes, have an exercise of the day or week to educate, show case the food and recipes you use – and use hashtags! Lots of them. Hashtags are the best way to gain followers and quickly on Instagram. Follow other fitness pages to get an idea of the popular hashtags and you will gain followers quickly. Remember that Instagram is an image-based medium, so ensure that your images are beautiful.

Don’t forget to post in the captions that you have spots available for personal training and provide your best contact details.

3. Facebook

Facebook is another medium that works great for personal trainers, provides daily or weekly motivation – plus everything you do on Instagram,  it can be more text-based, you can provide more information and it can be easily shared and targeted. Again don’t forget to post your contact details if people want to book in to see you.

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4. Referrals

Too many people are afraid to ask for referrals, don’t be! Perhaps you can offer a free session to your current clients if one of their friends starts training with you, and then make sure your clients know about the offer – incentives are a great driver of business (and this applies to all industries, not just PT)

5. Network, Network, Network!

Meet people, go to network events, chat with people at the gym, library, supermarket, while waiting in line. Your business is personal so you can utilize this very grassroots type of marketing. The more people you meet, the greater your network, and the greater your client base will become. Just don’t walk around the street saying, Hi I’m a personal trainer do you need my services? Get to know them, and mention what you do, and pass on your details and get theirs, and they will come to you when they need your assistance.

I hope you got something out of the above article, remember these strategies can work for a lot of different business types – it’s all in the consistency and the planning of your marketing that you will achieve great things!

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