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We are almost a third of the way through 2014. It still amazes me how fast a year can go by and highlights just how vital planning is. The things I have written down plans for having been done… the things I had ‘hoped’ to be done… not so much, and so brings me to The Best Marketing Tips of 2014.

  1. Plan – Planning seems like such a cumbersome, outdated task – however it is vital. You need to know the ins and outs of your marketing, what goals you want to achieve, and how you plan on achieving them!
  2. Engage – It is all well and good to be on social media sites, and posting content, but that is NOT the point of social media… social media allows big brands and small brands alike to become relatable… they allow the everyday person the ability to engage with you. If you can’t reply to comments, questions, and posts within 24-48 you need to rethink your strategy. Commenting thank yous on Instagram when someone promotes your business, responding to Facebook messages and Tweets, it is all vital to your Marketing

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  1. Don’t forget the Product – We spend so much time debating promotion, price, and positioning that sometimes we forget about the product. Having an exceptional product is vital to your marketing, creating a memorable and different product – make it exceptional!
  2. Create Value – Whether it is added product features, free content, useful and interesting posts – users want value, and your competitors are offering it, so why aren’t you? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, just try and keep it relevant to your industry.
  3. Connect – In the technological age people still appreciate face-to-face and good quality communication, now not every business can call customers regularly to chat, or do lunches – ensuring that you at least make this time with your best clients, or finding small ways to get personal (ie. thank you cards) can greatly impact your business.
  4. Create a Story – People love a story and a character, build a story around your brand. If you don’t have a great story already, make one up, and then run with it. Dive headfirst into the persona and story and watch what happens to your brand.

There you have it, my 6 Best Marketing Tips for 2014 – The Marketing Industry is changing and we need to make sure we keep up and don’t stick to the same old, think outside the box and be different!

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