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One of the hardest parts of marketing for a business, especially your own, is trying to constantly come up with new and creative ways to market. It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest new gadget, unless you have a team of varied individuals constantly brainstorming new ideas, it gets very difficult to come up with a new way to portray your product or service. So how can you do it?

Here are my 5 tips for staying fresh and inventive

#1 – Check out your competition, what are they doing? What would you change with what they are doing? How can you adapt it?

#2 – Check out people in totally different industries! If you’re in the health and wellness industry check out what the property development industry is doing, or maybe you’re an accountant and you can look at how the movie theatres are advertising – the crazier the comparison the more likely you’ll find an idea or be inspired to do something different!

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#3 – Follow sales and marketing experts, we are constantly on the lookout for new ideas – it’s our job! Follow some of the little guys, follow the big guns and you are bound to be inspired.

#4 – Get your own brainstorming group together – Get a group of businesses together with similar goals and help each other to become more creative (try and have people with different target markets so you aren’t directly competing)

#5 – As always, don’t forget who your target market is. Your target market is specific, and your advertising needs to appeal to them. You can have the best marketing idea, but if it alienates your market and isn’t targeting a new market – you’ve wasted your efforts.

What are some of the greatest marketing campaigns you have seen be successful?

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