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How do you keep your customers connected and in love with your brand? Create an experience! Over the weekend I went to Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast – It was amazing, but what amazes me most is, that every time I drive past – and I’ve lived here nearly all my life, there is an enormous line. I’m talking around the block. How does a cabaret bar on the Gold Coast have a line out the door at $80-$120 a head do that, every night they are open, all year round, when other places are struggling to be busy on a Friday Night in the heart of Surfers?

It’s all in the experience and knowing your target market.

Now you might be saying, they are a cabaret bar I’m an accountant, it won’t work for me… here is where we need to shift your thinking. I’m not asking you to be the first accountant that has their staff dress up as Vampires and do everything in red ink, and have red velvet curtains in your office – although if you do, I’ll be your client because that would be amazing! What I’m saying is that you need to adjust your thinking, create an experience, create memories, be different!

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Think about your brand, think about the type of clients you have, maybe your clients are all in the health and wellness industry, run a free yoga class and networking night. Perhaps your clients love wine, and you can invite them to a wine tasting, or give them a bottle of wine on their birthday or over the Christmas period. We get so stuck trying to target everyone, but the true beauty in marketing is being different and appealing to a small niche target market.

You don’t have to be over the top – not every industry has the luxury of being able to be limitless in their creativity, but we don’t have to be stuck in the same box as our competitors.

Remember marketing isn’t always about the promotion – your product, your price and the place in which you sell it are equally and sometimes more important!

Be creative and think outside the box!

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