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So many people are too focused on building lists and collecting followers that they forget that the people they are “collecting” are real people.

Marketing has always been ‘a numbers game’, which is fine – we know that if you have 1,000 people visit your website, 10 people might make an inquiry, and 2 might make a purchase. If we want to increase sales we need to increase the number of people visiting or increase our conversion rates. That is fine, and that still holds true.

What a lot of people I speak to seem to be forgetting is that social media followers and members of email marketing lists are more than just numbers, they are people and you are contacting them on mediums that they use to engage with people. It is not a broadcast medium, this is the connected generation. People want to feel connected and they want to engage.

If you want to talk to your consumers in engagement territory, you need to do more than just talk to them, you need to talk with them!

Here are some common mistakes:

  • Not replying to comments, tags, and posts – If you aren’t replying to comments on posts, or people using your hashtags on Instagram, or any other form of digital inquiry. You have a problem. If there are too many posts for you to deal with – there is software that helps you manage it. Invest in it. It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity.
  • Trying to increase your database numbers with no care for where they came from. You are better off having a database of 1,000 people who love you, than a database of 100,000 where no one reads your emails. Remember you are trying to build connections with people who care about your business. It’s quality over quantity!!

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  • Being scared of cleaning up your database, it is okay to clean up your database, it is okay to remove people who no longer serve your business, it is okay to block people. You want people who are going to engage with you and promote you not people who don’t read your messages or say bad things about you. Think about your extended group of friends, if people ignore you, do you still want them around? If someone talks badly about you, and you can peacefully and in a grown-up manner resolve issues, do you still keep them around? No? So don’t keep them around your business!

Remember you’re building a network of people not a list of numbers!

My name is Dahna and I’m the founder of Bright Red Marketing. I live and breathe marketing, I can’t see an advertisement without analyzing it, or pass by a Marketing Book without reading it. Most of all I love helping businesses with their marketing and I love to chat.

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