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Size does matter when it comes to Facebook and imagery (What? Not where you thought this post was going? haha sorry!)

Today I am launching a new Facebook competition for a client, it is going to be great, I’ll share the results with you when it’s all over… but it is all very exciting. Anyway, I was trying to post the link to the competition and attach the image so it all looked perfect, and it kept resizing to a thumbnail. Not what we wanted, and I couldn’t figure out why…

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I figured it out and thought I’d share with you! If an image is smaller than 484px (w) x 252px (h) it will automatically change to a thumbnail. Not what we wanted, so now the problem is all fixed and we have learned our lesson, size does matter – at least when it comes to Facebook!

In the process I found this great guide to Facebook sizing, from cover photos to links and profile photos, check out David Colemans website here: – Actually, just check out his work anyway, he is a brilliant photographer!!

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