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For everyone with a blog – which should be all of you by now, you’ll know that content marketing is still one of the most brilliant ways of marketing your business and services. 

You’ll also know that spending hours writing and not seeing the rewards of comments, shares, or an increasing database can be heart-breaking. SourceBottle provides a brilliant tool where your work and name can be published in print and online by some of Australia – and the world’s biggest names.

In the world of SEO having your business name and keywords published on other sources, and on other websites is SEO gold. which is another benefit of SourceBottle – increased exposure.

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My name is Dahna and I’m the founder of Bright Red Marketing. I live and breathe marketing, I can’t see an advertisement without analyzing it, or pass by a Marketing Book without reading it. Most of all I love helping businesses with their marketing and I love to chat.

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