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Tim Tam’s are a part of an iconic Australian brand, if you ever meet someone from America, it’s often the first thing that we share. Although the official brand is ‘Arnott’s’ we all know and love them as Tim Tam’s. And they have now launched in the US… with a big branding fail.

These are Arnott’s Originals. All of those I know, know them as Tim Tam’s, we never introduce them as Arnotts.

When you have an iconic item such as the Tim Tam, that has been brought to a new country because of high demand – don’t go changing the name.

It just goes to prove that even big brands make mistakes. Yes, these will still sell, and people will catch on, eventually, but then again, maybe they won’t. What I know for sure is it won’t be as quick as they would have if they had kept the original brand name of Tim Tam’s!

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