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If you’ve been following my work for a while you’ll know I’m a big believer in strategy. But, not the old school, 2-inch thick binder, sitting on a shelf, collecting dust kind. If it can be done on a single page, I’ll do it.

The same goes with your content marketing, especially when it comes to distributing it through social media. (I frequently get asked how to plan out a social media strategy). So here is how to create a one-page content marketing strategy.

Target Market: Clearly define your target market – be specific.

Goals: What are you trying to achieve? Also make sure you give yourself metrics so you can track your results.

Differentiating Factor: What makes your point of view different to everyone else? What experiences and skill sets do you have that are different and give you a competitive advantage?

Then what you’re going to do is create a 2 column, by 3 row table and label each box as the next six months. So if it’s February 23rd, your boxes will be entitled March, April, May, June, July August. If it’s the first week of February – start with that.

Now for each month come up with an overarching theme. Something exciting that will inspire you to create. Themes can be a word like Love, Entrepreneur, Media, Crazy Ideas, 1990, Successful Startups, Failures turned successes, Vegetables – the point is to come up with a theme that will give you a starting point. Too broad and you’ll be confused, too niche and you’ll run out of content.

You also need to highlight an event/season change for each month – What’s happening in your town/city/country/universe that you can play on. Write something down for each of the next six months.

Plot out some key points for each month and you are well on your way to having a brilliant content marketing strategy to inspire you. 

Bonus Tips:

If you want to take it a step further – you can create a ‘Serving Size and Frequencies Table.

Time (for message) Frequency Size Platform or Type
2-10 seconds Daily 140-240 characters Twitter, Headlines, Short FB Posts, Instagram
2 -5 minutes Weekly 400-800 words Blog Posts, Press Release, Video, Email
5-10 minutes Monthly 1000+ words Contributor Article, Long Video, Instructional Blog Post
10+ minutes Quarterly 2500+ words eBooks, Mini Course, Speech, Webinar, White Paper

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