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Everyone knows engagement is one of the most important aspects of social media. Forcing this, and using auto bots to do it for you makes you look ridiculous and spammy. 

And that is never the way to make a good impression. 

If you want to invest money into your social accounts. PAY someone to do it for you, it’ll save you from wasting your money and stop you from looking like a tool in the process. I know it’s a cheap way of marketing, but unfortunately, it’s the bad kind of cheap – the kind that can be detrimental to your brand.

If you want engagement – talk to people or better yet start a conversation. Be authentic and genuinely interesting. That’s how you build relationships, engagement and ultimately build your business.

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I honestly think that people forget these are SOCIAL media platforms, the whole point of them is to inspire conversation and connection.

“Like bots” are a little different albeit, incredibly ineffective. On the positive side, at least they will never make you look idiotic and inept at using social media and you MIGHT get some followers back from it. I still don’t recommend them.

So many people are using these auto comment bots and it comes across as spammy. No one wants to do business with spammy people. 

Just stop. 

Instead, focus on: 

  • Producing shareable content
  • Creating Content that educates and inspires
  • Targeting your audience to find strategic hashtags that actually get you noticed
  • Spending your money on strategies that will boost your business instead of taking away from it
  • Take advantage of Instagram Advertising and reach people that way.
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