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Learn how to use Facebook’s Audience Insights to create new audiences, learn more about your target market, and create better content.

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Hi guys, it’s Dahna from Bright Red Marketing. I want to show you a really, really cool trick if you are to really get a good idea of who you’re target market is, where they are hanging out on Facebook and how you can really start to target them in a quite powerful way. So I’m just in the business manager, but if you just log into your adverts manager, it will have all of these options. 

So if you go to all tools, and it’s under ‘Audience Insights’. Now, it’s slightly different to your insights in your actual Facebook page but it’s an incredibly powerful tool.

So, open that up and you’ll see this screen. So I like to go, “everyone on Facebook” if I am looking at targeting for ads. It is also quite cool to see what’s happening on your page as well. 

But we are going to stick with “Everyone on Facebook” now there is some really powerful stuff in here guys, so I’m in Australia so I’m want to set this up to be “Australia”. There we are. 

You can go by city, you can go by state, you can go internationally – I could go internationally because I have got quite a few clients overseas at the moment, which is really cool and I’m loving working with them. But just for this demonstration, I want to show you how this works.

I normally work with a little bit of a younger crowd, but not too young. So I’m just going to stop that at 50. 

Let’s go Marie Forleo. Because she is cool, and we like her, and she has some awesome stuff. Essentially what this is doing is showing me who likes other people’s pages. And really getting an idea of their demographics.

So we will see here that most of her target audience are 35-44-year-old women, she does have quite a male-heavy audience as well. Which is really awesome to see. Oh, no, never mind. She’s got 11% men vs. 89% women – so she is definitely a female-dominated market. 

If you’re in the US there is some really cool data that will come up here under lifestyle. We don’t have as much of that information in Australia, yet. 

So, down here are Education Levels, so 71% of her people are university graduates, which is really cool when you think about your targeting in terms of what kind of programs your offering, and kind of getting an idea of what’s happening.

Also, really interesting to note that most of her audience is married. Now where it starts to get cool down here in terms of job titles.

42% of her people are in management, 31% are in art, entertainment, sport, and media. Now, across here we can go to Page Likes.

Now, this is really cool if you’re looking at targeting based on interests. So you can come down here and see that the top organization that people that follow Marie, also follow is the Female Entrepreneur Association. Especially in Australia. Because that’s quite a massive thing.

In terms of Entrepreneurs, there is Jack Delosa and Gary Vee are both brilliant entrepreneurs. So it’s really cool to see and start to expand out your targeting. 

So you might sit there and go, okay I know my people really like “this” but when you start to narrow it down and you really want to get clear on who your target market is, it can be cool to come in and see something like this and go, okay, well I hadn’t really thought about that, but maybe I want to target people that like Marie but they also like Deepak Chopra.

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So you can really start to segment down your market. 

Location, just shows you where they all live. So most of her people are in Melbourne. And then you come over to Activity, and you can see that the like post likes, they are commenting. You can see what device they are on – it’s just really cool information.

Let’s say for example you are not in the marketing, entrepreneur kind of coaching space. And instead, you are a bakery. 

So you might come down here, and go “cupcakes”, so we are going to go “sprinkle cupcakes” and we are going to go over here to demographics. 

So now you can see that it’s almost an entirely female demographic. But, if we go over to page likes, so it’s not going to come up because we haven’t got enough.

So let’s just drop this out, we are going to see worldwide what happens. 

So you can really start to see that people who like cupcakes also like lots of other places, but what can be really cool is you can see what types of beauty brands they like, you can see what type of other companies they like. 

People who like cupcakes also like reading, so it’s just a really clever way of identifying your audience. But narrowing it down. Because with any kind of targeting you really want to make sure that you’re not just targeting a broad audience.

If you sit there and say “oh, but I can work with anyone” your business is never going to do very well. The best thing you can do with your targeting is to be really specific. The more specific you can be, the more the people on the other end of your conversation are going to feel like you’re talking directly to them. 

And the more you can do that, the better your business will go, and the better your business will succeed. 

Let’s go and try something else. So say you are a health practitioner – you know you are a chiropractor or a doctor or something. What if we type in ‘Panadol” – so we are going “panadol Australia”. 

So you can see some of the really big companies that people are more likely to like. If you are a builder or a landscape designer – let’s have a look.

You can kind of just start by typing in keywords and just seeing what comes up. You might be a restaurant so you might want to type in “MasterChef”.

And you can see all of the different things that people are liking. I’m going to select ‘MasterChef’ and people living in Australia. 

You can see what other people who like Masterchef, like. So it’s not always very specific, it’s not always going to be helpful for you.

Hang on, let’s get rid of that. 

So you can kind of start to see where people are hanging out. There was a really interesting study done a little while back that said that I’ll have to find the article and I’ll share it with you guys a little bit later – but essentially it was you know you can tell who likes certain things, by the other pages that they are liking.

So, it might be two totally unrelated things, so it could be that you want to target people who like MasterChef and like Kmart Australia. That could be your thing. And what happens now, is you’re targeting a very specific group of people. 

It’s just a really interesting way to kind of delve into your targeting a little bit deeper and really see what’s happening, how they engage with people, what their demographics are, and get a really clear idea of who it is that you’re targeting and then you can start to create content around those people and their interests. 

So for example, if you were in a restaurant and you were struggling for content you could sit there and go, well I know they like all these other things, so they like furniture and homewares – even though you’re doing cooking you can still throw some of those other lifestyle elements. Which is cool.

So if you’ve got any questions, comment on the video I’ll get back to you, and happy targeting!

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