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1. Optimize your Page

Spend some time going through the fields in your about section and make sure that you’ve filled in as much info as you can. While adding in things like ‘founded’ and ‘mission statement’ might not seem relevant to you yet, the more detail you can add in – the easier it is for your customers to get to know you.

The more they get to know you, the more likely they are to do business with you.

2. Set up your Page for Reviews

Make sure your page is set up to receive reviews (check out our blog post on getting this set up if you haven’t already –

Once you’ve got it all set up – start asking people to leave you reviews. You’ll be surprised how easily people will leave you a review if you just ask.

3. Make it look beautiful!

Your Facebook page needs to be visually appealing – and the Facebook cover image dimensions have recently changed. So if you haven’t updated in a while – now is the time to do it.

Your cover image now needs to be 828 w x 315 h, BUT keep in mind the middle 560px are what’s viewable on a mobile device. So make sure your content is within the safe zone.

NOTE: Your profile image no longer obstructs the cover image so you don’t have to design around it!

You have a couple of options, pick a nice image that suits your brand, showcase your products or your location OR use this space to highlight your point of difference and say something exciting about your business (remember those pains and desires from point #1).

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4. Create a Content Strategy

It’s really important that you have a plan in place. It doesn’t have to be crazy detailed – just enough so you have a plan of attack, and are never stuck for ideas.

The main questions you need answers to are these.

– Who is your ideal customer? 

– What is their biggest problem and their biggest desire? (Do your research) 

– What kind of content do you like to create? 

– Where can you provide the most value?

– What are you selling?

– How can you provide value that will lead to a sale?

What kind of posts can you create? 

You will need personal posts that show the behind-the-scenes and make you relatable and human. You will need informative posts – this is where you provide value and build relationships. AND you will need sales posts where you actually push for the sale. 

As Gary Vee says in his book, you need to jab, jab, jab (and then go for the) right hook! Where ‘jab’s’ are providing great informative content, and the right hook is asking for the sale!

Answer these questions and check back on them regularly!

5. Test, Analyse + Repeat

Facebook Insights are incredibly powerful, they show you who is viewing your content, when, what kinds of content they like to look at, and what types of content they want to engage with.

Utilize this information and watch the engagement on your page soar, and the stress of running the page disappear. When you have a clear strategy in place your full focus is on the most productive practices and you’ll start to see results!

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I’ll show you:

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