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If you read yesterday’s blog post you would have seen me talk about providing enough value.

Now, I’m not talking about packaging your products with a list of over-priced bonuses to sell you $25,000 worth of product for $199. That’s not it.

I mean – are you providing enough value to your clients.

value (noun): the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

Put simply, are you providing useful and important content to your clients? Every. Single. Day?

This is where I believe a lot of social media pages fall flat if I can’t scroll through your page and see posts where I actually learn something or its shareable content. You’re doing it wrong. 

Now, you’re going to try and test things as you go, so you’ll make mistakes – I do it too, I get excited about something and forget for a moment. It’s fine – as long as at the end of the day your sole focus is adding value to your clients. 

What can you teach them?

What can you offer them?

How can you entertain them?

How can you connect with them? 

Ask yourself these questions before each blog post, before each tweet or Facebook post, and watch your engagement soar. 

Now, you might be wondering – HOW do I create value, you might have a product or service that isn’t obvious what you can do. I’m a marketer so knowing what value to provide is easy, but what if you’re a plumber, a dentist, sell shoes or sports equipment?

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How-to guides are brilliant.

  1. How to unclog your drains without harsh chemicals
  2. How to properly brush your teeth
  3. How to take care of your new leather shoes
  4. How to play (insert name of fun sport here)  – Can you tell I’m not much of a sports person?
  5. How to perfectly julienne carrots – Done with video, this would be great!

Things to avoid are also great.

  1. Never do this in the shower (notice how it’s also enticing because it could be anything)
  2. Top 5 foods to avoid for healthy teeth
  3. Shoe Storage Sins (alliterations are fun, and will get better click-throughs – there is a reason newspapers use them)
  4. Exercises to avoid knee injuries

Can you see the pattern? Regardless of whether these are your industries or not, you’ll see the trend. It’s about providing value AROUND the service you offer.

  • With plumbing – these people live in houses, so you could share handy tips for around the house. 
  • With a shoe company, you could delve into the world of fashion styling and wardrobes.
  • A dentist could go into diet and other health and wellness aspects.
  • A restaurant could share cooking at home tips, share handy cooking techniques, or share the occasional recipe. 

Think outside the box, be creative and have fun with it. You’ll mess it up, but that’s a part of the process. 

As long as you’re continually using your expertise to educate, inform and entertain – you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to sell to people who already love you from the value you provide.

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