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The Facebook Ads Manager looks complicated and intimidating at first glance. But the Ads Manager is an amazing tool, offering everything you need to optimize your ads and deliver successful campaigns.

The Facebook Ads Manager allows you to

  • Set up new campaigns
  • Create new ads for each campaign
  • Manage how much you’re spending for each ad
  • Create different audiences to target
  • Optimize and enhance these campaigns
  • Track and test campaigns

There are also a hierarchy of tabs allowing you to organize your account

  • Account
    The hubs that holds all your campaigns, ad sets and ads
  • Campaigns
    For individual campaigns
  • Ad Sets
    Useful for organizing different group or categories of ads
  • Ads
    Where all your ads are stored

What this means is you can have multiple campaigns with multiple ad sets, which contain separate ads of their own. Each option also offers Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so you can see at a glance how your campaigns or ads are performing.

And this is where customizing your Facebook Ads Dashboard comes in.

My handy step-by-step video gives you a clear view of how to optimize your ads and track your results.

Because a properly optimized campaign = a better return on investment.

Happy Watching!

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