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Keeping your Facebook page up to date is probably one of the most difficult and complained about parts of having a business. It’s one of the first to be left behind and I know for a fact something we all feel guilty about! 

So what can you do about it? 

Firstly, stop stressing. Yes, it’s bad for the algorithm to go so long without posting. No, it’s not impossible to recoup. 

Figure out how much content you CAN create, and focus on doing that. Don’t worry that you are supposed to be posting 3 times a day or every day or four times a week. Focus on what you can do, and stick to that.  

Check out your insights in your Facebook analytics and make sure that the times you are posting are the most popular times that your audience is on Facebook. 

Do not believe any article that says the best time to post is X or Y. It is incredibly different for each audience and each industry. Facebook gives you personalized data. So use it.

At the end of the day, Facebook advertising is powerful and should definitely be something to think about if you aren’t using it already, but there is incredible value in organic content. It gives your business inside information into what people are responding to, what they are interested in, gets your business name out there, and will help you to generate more business.

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Your top priorities:

  1. Post at the right times
  2. Make a commitment to how many times you can post a week and stick to it

If you have decided that enough is enough and you simply can’t manage your page anymore, we have an incredible service where we can manage all of your content for you starting at just $60 (ex. GST) per week.  

So, you really have no excuse, get that Facebook page up and running and start reaping the rewards! Plus, you’ll never get that dreaded ‘you haven’t posted in a while’ notification ever again!

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