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Facebook Advertising is just like an online dating service. It wields incredible power to matchmake with our ideal customer. But as powerful as it is, it’s also – in Facebook speak – ‘Complicated’.

With more than 5 million advertisers, Facebook is an important advertising avenue. Business Insider reported when there’s billboards, radio, TV, print and online, Google and Facebook Ads are dominating, taking up 25% of global ad spend. The mind boggles at the numbers. But the more brands and companies up the dollars on their budgets, the more intricate the Facebook Ad Manager becomes.

Working with Facebook as a business owner means, if you aren’t willing to try new things, Facebook will work around you. The social media giant certainly does its best to look after small businesses through online courses, audience targeting tools and mobile design studios. But in spite of all this, Facebook Ads are still ‘Complicated’. I had to create a Decoding Facebook Ad Type Guide which you can download >here< just to help you getting customers to Swipe Right. It is indeed a fine art. But while it comes with ‘Complicated’, there’s all the Reasons To Love Facebook Advertising.

Location Location Location

With more than 2.2 million monthly active users and 22 billion ad clicks a year, Facebook is where your audience is to find new qualified leads. You can reach your audience in a bar, the frozen food aisle of the grocery store, the gym, the workplace. It’s just a matter of reaching out to them and connecting.

Make A Lasting Impression

Facebook’s targeting capabilities are exceptional and first impressions are always important. Lookalike Audiences take making a first impression to the next level. You can dig deep, targeting by behaviour, interests, demographics, connections, age ranges. If you want to build your email list or target potential buyers, you can use your current database to target new people similar to that audience and likely to be interested in you. Facebook does all the hard work to make us look fabulous right from the get go.

Getting To Know You

Marketing is all about knowing exactly who you are talking to while reaching the right people at the right time. Custom and Lookalike Audiences target people based on their actions – whether that’s engaging with your Facebook page, watching a video, buying more than most on your website, or being listed in your email database. The opportunities are endless, allowing you to create campaigns that are 100% relevant to the right customer. As long as you know who you are targeting and what they like to do, you’ll be able to rope them right in.

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Getting Them To Swipe Right

There are endless options to be creative and stand out. Whether you want to showcase your beautiful products, love creating video or want to keep things simple, you can implement a clever, well-targeted strategy that allows you to be creative, test new strategies and stand out from the crowd. It’s actually really easy to stand out because so many are people are already doing ‘average’.  Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and be unique so you can create something meaningful and special.

Between The Spreadsheets

The magic of Facebook is in monetizing personal data, matching content and personal information to advertising. Marketing is much easier when you know exactly what’s happening. Traditional advertising relies on the likelihood of frequency and reach, while Facebook Pixel, custom conversions and data analytics provide real numbers to identify potential issues, see what’s working and make adjustments where necessary.

More Bang For Your Buck

Nothing brings out your fun side more when you’ve got all the hacks for a cheap date. Facebook Advertising is a highly economical form of promoting your business and making sales. But where Facebook is concerned, cheap is not as cheap does and does not mean you’ll sacrifice on quality. You just have to be clever with your target audience and your ad. Facebook users are browsing and socializing, scrolling through their newsfeed, checking out updates, pictures and post. Facebook advertising has cleverly become an organic part of the scroll, so when you create a great ad, you’ll get the clicks to match.

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