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Increase in sales


Return on ad spend

The problem

As every marketer will tell you, you absolutely need an ongoing stream of fresh new content to keep your ad account’s ROAS on the right track.

Although creating new ad copy is a skill of its own and takes careful consideration and rigorous testing, it’s relatively easy to create, not very time consuming and requires little resources. Creative items like video and images that are much harder to come by and even an untrained eye can see the difference between professionally made creatives verse something that has been quickly taken from your iPhone.

The answer is simple – keep those creatives coming! But it’s not always that easy. 

Our client, a popular fashion brand, always had a steady stream of beautiful creative content which gave us a lot to work with and always resulted in a very healthy ad account with consistently high ROAS. This came to a screeching halt early this year when bad weather prevented their photographers and videographers from shooting outside, a problem that we certainly hadn’t encountered before. It was time for some creative thinking.

The solution

How do you create content for a brand that has always taken their photos and videos outside – when they can’t go outside? You work with what you have.

Flat lays were our first go-tos. If you don’t already know what a flay lay is it’s basically where you take a photo of your products from above, styled in a way that makes sense for your brand. It’s like a little snapshot into how your products can be used and you’d be surprised how much you can convey with a simple little flat lay. Best of all, you can take these photos anywhere – on the ground, on a desk, on a bed, whatever makes the most sense to you and your brand. Easy!

But it was when we started creating videos with existing photos that we really noticed a huge difference. Of course, repurposing content isn’t a new idea but creating a well-thought-out video with existing photos and engaging text like customer reviews can be extremely effective. And this is exactly what we saw.

The result

As soon as we uploaded the new videos we saw a vast uptick in sales. By the end of the month we were back running at our ideal ROAS with a 6.4x return on ad spend, compared to the previous months 3.95 return. Now a 3.95 return isn’t all that bad. But for this client we knew we could do better, and being creative with how we created content we were able to bring this back. After all, a 62% increase in returns makes a big difference to your bottom line.

Well, we obviously saw such a great result from adding fresh content. And not every business has access to a photographer and videographer full time. So we brought on board an amazing video production team and are now offering this service to our clients.

If you have static images, we can create epic videos for you to use in your marketing. Just ask us how!

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