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Improvement in retargeting costs


Return on ad spend

The problem

Kellective by Nikki sells gorgeous handmade jewellery pieces and receives considerable website traffic – though this traffic doesn’t always convert into sales. People often stumble across the brand through organic marketing or influencers, but they aren’t always ready to purchase.

Kellective By Nikki set up a retargeting campaign, with each new sale costing them $10. While this was a small profit, it was eating into their profit margins so wasn’t an ideal figure.

After reviewing the retargeting campaign, we discovered while it was set up through Catalogue Sales, the parameters needed to be set up correctly and the copy required fine tuning. We also found sales were costing them more than they needed to.

The solution

Nikki booked in a one hour strategy session with us. During that session, we explored the analytics of her Facebook Pixel and completed a thorough analysis of her previous campaigns. During our session, we also discussed the best practices for future campaigns with the most profitable targeting options and some concepts for future copy.

We then set up a Catalogue Sales campaign that closely matched her clients’ behaviour and set a budget more aligned to the traffic the site was generating. We also edited the copy and ad layout to be more engaging, letting Facebook do all the hard work through a dynamic carousel.

The result

Retargeting costs were dropped from $10 per sale to $2.09 per sale. Following our minor tweaks, the results lead to a whopping 36x Return On Ad Spend. Through the course of this retargeting campaign, we proved small differences have a huge impact on results.

Additionally, a special campaign was set up for an upcoming promotion. These types of campaigns had previously performed well yet never achieved great results to cold audiences. While this special campaign ran for a week, sales at $3.89 per sale were generated with a 20x Return On Ad Spend to a cold audience.

What Nikki had to say:

“I loved working with Dahna. She really knows her stuff and helped me instantly set up a very successful retargeting campaign. I had completed an online FB ad course and had attempted my own retargeting, with the results being around $10 per purchase. Dahna helped me set up a campaign with the results around $2 per purchase and 37 x ROI. As a very small business, this has hugely helped my sales. Dahna also helped me set up a campaign to a cold audience and the results have been amazing. I will DEFINITELY use Dahna again for future campaigns.”

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