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Earlwood Equine are an Australian brand focusing on the equestrian market creating amazing pieces for you and your horse.

The Problem

We’ve worked with Helen for years, love her brand and have helped her to steadily grow, however Helen has grand ambitions for her business and her family and needed some help to achieve those goals, so we created a plan to help her scale.

The Solution

We had already built a really solid testing structure for Helen, so we knew what worked, what didn’t and where there was room for improvement. We were able to (just under) double her budget over night.

We knew which audiences to put more spend too, we knew which new audiences to test (the difference between horizontal and vertical scaling) and we knew which ads were working best for her.

The Results

Helen increased her daily online sales by a whopping 200% – she’s been able to better negotiate with her suppliers and is now looking an extra team member.

Most importantly we’ve managed to hold, and in some cases improve her ROAS, so she’s spending more and still seeing an exceptionally high return of nearly 11x ROAS, leading to tens of thousands of dollars of extra sales each month.

We know that more drops and launches do really well for Earlwood, so this addition to sales will further help grow Helen’s business as she’ll be able to launch more regularly which will further improve sales.

What the client has to say:

“After working with Dahna and the Bright Red Marketing team for a few years now, Dahna recently suggested there was scope to scale up our marketing. We agreed to nearly double our ad spend, and almost overnight our sales increased by between 150% and 200% on average/day. We were just blown away with the results, and have now been able to increase our order capacity for future orders, which has meant better pricing at a manufacturing level due to order quantity increase, and therefore a better margin.
We had previously worked with Dahna to make sure we knew our margins, and had done the sums prior to approving this increase to know what we needed to achieve in extra sales, in order to cover the increase in costs. We took an ‘educated’ gamble, with an agreement to reassess a few weeks down the track to see if we were happy with the results. Needless to say, we haven’t bothered having the ‘let’s reassess this is worth it’ discussion – that became obvious on day one!
This wasn’t a miracle by any means, we had all our ducks in a row with our business operations, and the perfect storm of ‘in demand’ products and new product launches, but most of all, we trusted Bright Red Marketing to spend our money wisely and smartly and they proved they can do this, by gaining us exceptional results yet again. We’re so excited and confident about the future of our business, which is such a fortunate position to be in, in these tough economic times, and we now have the exciting task of making sure we’re manufacturing enough stock going forward, to keep up to demand!”
Helen Barkla – Earlwood Equine

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