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In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • What is Jubly-Umph and how it started and turned to a full-blown business.

  • How Tasha started to scale the business.

  • Her creative process for creating a new collection.

  • The story of how she got her first online customers.

  • The evolution of her products since it started.

  • Lessons she has learned about moving her business online and scaling it.

  • Things you can do to protect yourself from copycats.

  • How she feels about the creative process.

  • Tips on how you can build an invested audience.

  • Pros and cons of having and managing a Facebook group.

  • Her expansion process and how she was featured in a Facebook case study.

  • Mistakes Tasha made and what you can learn from it.

  • Secret strategies to help her stay on track in her life and business.

Where to find Tasha, the books and podcasts she talks about on the show:

Where to find Tasha

Books Tasha recommended

The eMyth Revisited

Podcasts Tasha recommended

How I Built This


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