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In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How GF Oats started.

  • What happened when she brought in gluten free oats in Australia.

  • How she navigated complex legislation around her products.

  • The story of how she persevered through challenges to get to where she is today.

  • Kylie’s advice for people who want to start in the food business.

  • The difference between getting her customers then and now.

  • Using marketing strategies to attract customers.

  • The most valuable lessons she learned through the years.

  • How they incorporated the use of social media into their marketing strategy.

  • Kylie’s mantra and how it has helped her through her journey.

  • Strategies, routines and habits she follows to stay on track.

Where to find Kylie, the books and podcasts she talks about on the show:

Where to find Kylie

Books Kylie recommended

Eat That Frog

Think and Grow Rich

Podcasts Kylie recommended

The Mentor by Mark Bouris


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