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Facebook’s Messenger has been 2018’s hottest topic of digital conversation – for good reason. From website chatbots to ecommerce and sponsored advertising, Messenger offers the potential to get personal with a brand new audience while interacting with each potential customer, individually.

From learning about a new product or offering a solution to a problem, Messenger interactions can creatively meet to customers’ needs – an example we wrote about previously in Aperol Spritz: Facebook Messenger Chatbot Done Awesome. As a business owner, this is an opportunity bringing you closer to your goals – one conversation at a time.

As a free live chat service, Facebook Messenger allows you to reach people faster to start a conversation at the click of a button. We can also install Messenger onto our website – with instructions right >here< – for real, genuine  and immediate customer engagement. When a conversation starts, the chance to convert a sale is more likely. It’s a brave new world that means businesses need to respond to messages as soon as possible to qualify leads and drive sales.

Facebook Messenger Ads are the next evolution in advertising. We are in a digital world where customers prefer live chat to email, and messaging to calling. As a result, we need to treat Facebook Messenger Ads like the next level of email on speed where conversations lead to conversions. Messenger ads are great for driving localised brand awareness with deal-based conversion offers. And, they’re fun. What’s more, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel either – we can take our already successful Facebook ads campaigns and adapt them. We just need to be prepared and on standby to be active and responsive when all the messages come flooding in.

As with all advertising whether its traditional or digital, we start right at the beginning: What do you want to achieve with your advertising? Once you understand your goal, the next step is selecting the best type of ad to maximise every dollar you spend. There are four to choose from:

Home Messenger Ads

This shows up in the app as a standard ad with a Call To Action within the Messenger home screen. The Call To Action can link to your website or ecommerce store or to Messenger itself. When linked to Messenger, it can start real organic conversations with your customers for a genuinely personalised experience.

Click To Messenger

This is the standard sponsored Facebook ad showing from the newsfeed, but with a different goal. Instead of a “Shop Now” or “Learn More” directing the customer to your landing page or your ecommerce store, customers respond to “Send Message” for pre-programed automated responses. It’s a great opportunity of connecting without delving straight into the hard sell.

Sponsored Messages

This ad appears in the Messenger inbox as a message and is sent to users who have already interacted with the brand before on messenger. It’s a great way of retargeting customers and drawing them back into the business.


Chatbots take Click To Messenger to the next level and can leverage your impact with your Facebook Messenger ads by initiating conversations to lead to sales. This type of campaign takes creative thought and strategy, with the crafting of effective engaging content and pre-programmed automated messages and options to guide the customer. But what it also does, is allow the customer to instantly engage – perhaps make a booking – without the customer leaving Facebook. Facebook offers Sephora as a successful example of using a bot for Messenger and upping their booking rates by 11%. Facebook offers many more informative success stories to read over here.

If you need help with any aspects of Facebook marketing or eCommerce marketing, then please get in touch with us today. The team at Bright Red Marketing will assist you with all your concerns, helping to develop a winning strategy.

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