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A little while ago, Facebook changed the rules when it came to images used in ads. But I still see the question of how much text am I allowed in my ad on a daily basis so I wanted to go through what is allowed and explain the new process.

In the past you were only allowed to have 20% of your ad image covered with text. If you went over this your ad would not be published, end of story. Facebook has now loosened the reigns slightly and have now stated that if you do have over 20% text then your ad be scaled and will either have less delivery or no delivery, meaning that your ad will be seen by fewer people depending on the where it sits on the scale. Facebook will review different ad formats accordingly:

  • Carousel ads – We review each image within the ad to see if they all comply with our image text guidelines. Keep in mind that even if one image in the carousel has too much text, it’ll affect your entire ad.
  • Video ads – We review the thumbnail to make sure it complies with our text guidelines – realistically this means you can have more text in your video ad, as long as the thumbnail doesn’t have text in it.

What is important to remember is that at times it can be worth the penalty, as an ad with higher text content may result in higher conversions. To determine if this is the correct method for you, take the time to read our split testing article so you can test whether it will work for you

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If you want to stay within the 20% rule, Facebook has provided its users with a list of recommendations including:

  • Always check your image and text coverage on their link
  • Try using fewer words or a smaller font
  • Use the bulk of your text in the body of the ad, not on the image
  • Avoid spreading text all over the image, keep it to a targeted area

There are “tricks” and “hacks” that are being promoted online stating that you can get around these rules. Some of these may work, but they will be short lived. Facebook is monitoring ads very closely and they will shut down any ad that is not complying.

Remember using text in your ad needs to compliment the image and message you are trying to portray. You need to ensure you are grabbing the attention of your readers using the little time that you have. It is more important than ever to ensure you get your marketing right.

Do your research and monitor your stats, if you are spending the time and money on adverts, it makes sense to target the right audience and generate the highest number of conversions possible. 

If all this seems a bit confusing, and you don’t have the time to sit and work out what is right for you, then book in for a free consultation with us at Bright Red Marketing and let us do the hard work for you.

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