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While this article will tell you how to see what ads your competitors are running. Use this information with common sense and respect. No one likes a copycat.

What this is helpful for, however, is getting inspiration when you’re feeling tapped out. And also making sure your competition isn’t copying your ads. Also handy to see what ads your agency is running for you in an easy way!

How do you see what ads your competitors are running you ask? It’s called the Facebook Ad Library!

What is the Facebook Ad Library?

The Facebook Ad Library is a brilliant tool that allows you to see what ads pages are running. We like to use this as a research tool when working with a new client. Partly to get inspiration, and partly to make sure your ads are different to your competitors.

It’s a simple tool where you type in the name of a page, and it will show you all the ads they currently have live.

The Ad Library looks like this!

How do you find the Facebook Ads Library?

There are two ways to access the Ad Library. Firstly, visit – now you just type in the page and it will show you the ads they have running.

Alternatively, you can find a business’s Facebook Page, and scroll to the Page Transparency section. Click “See All”, and scroll down till you see a button that says  “Go To Ad Library”.

How to use the Ad Library

We love the Ads Library here are some of our favourite ways to use it:

  • See what your competitors are up to to make sure they aren’t copying you, and to be inspired – no copying
  • See what brands in other industries are up to for inspiration
  • Check to see if your industry is on sale
  • See what your competitors are up to so you can make sure your ads look totally different and talk about different pain points
  • See what ads you have running all in one neat, easy to see place

The Facebook Ad Library is a fantastic tool – but it’s just that a tool. Use it wisely and it’ll be a great source of inspiration and knowledge. Use it poorly and you aren’t building a brand people will love if you’re stealing from others.


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