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Late last night Apple announced that the official rollout of the new iOS changes will come into effect on the 26th of April. This doesn’t seem to be public knowledge yet, I’m not usually one of the first Facebook marketers to hear about this – so if I’m wrong I apologize, but if it’s correct you have just 4-5 days to finish preparing.


The announcement was made in an Apple Blog I can no longer find, and shared by a top digital marketer I respect.

You NEED to ensure the following has been done:

From what I understand at this stage, it looks like we shall see a reduction in data we can capture, however, we shall still be able to see purchase data if you’ve set up your aggregated events.

The current strategy a lot of marketers are using, myself included relies quite heavily on the Facebook data and the algorithm, which will likely go out the window with this update, and you will have to rely on good old-fashioned testing – which thankfully, I’m very good at!

I haven’t seen much else about this, so the date could be wrong, so far I’ve only seen an Apple Blog post I can no longer find and a CNBC article that doesn’t link to a source.

If you need a hand with any of this, I do offer paid one-hour sessions to set everything up for you and make sure your strategy is going to work for the rollout. If you need assistance with CAPI you’ll need to speak to your developer.

Good luck over the next week and I’ll be in touch as the changes roll out and how they are affecting businesses.

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