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In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • The two things you need to make a successful reel
  • Why you don’t have to dance, and how to make great reels if you don’t want to show your face
  • How to work out how often you should be posting
  • Avoiding doomscrolling and managing your time on socials
  • The pros and cons of batch creating
  • And so much more


Alisha Marfatia: Do not get stuck on the trend train. It is so easy to just be like, look, what’s trending. All right, I’ll do that. And if you wanna be the leader, if you wanna be the go to product in your industry, right.

You can’t just keep relying on copying and doing what other people are doing in your own way. So that’s the first thing. I’m all for trends, but you know, just doing trends, that’s not a strategy.

Dahna Borg: Hi, and welcome to the Bright minds of eCommerce podcast. I’m Dahna founder of Bright Red Marketing, and after helping so many businesses in the eCommerce space over the years, including helping to clients hit huge milestones this year, one having their first million dollar a year and a second, their first $2 million a year.

I wanted to bring you the best experts in e-commerce stories from Australia straight to you. If you’re wanting relatable stories and actionable advice, you were in the right place.

Want help with your Facebook and Instagram ads? Remember you can always book in a free strategy session at forward slash free dash strategy dash session. We’ll run through your ads. See what’s working and what’s not. And no sales pitch. I promise. Unless of course you ask what it’s like to work with us. On today’s episode, we’re joined by Alicia from the social impact. Welcome Alicia.

Alisha Marfatia: Thank you so much for having me very excited.

Dahna Borg: so good to have you, so let’s, let’s just jump straight into it.

Why do you think reels are so important for eCommerce businesses? These days.

Alisha Marfatia: Look, we have been dealing with reels for years, and this is what people don’t realize. They think it’s new. They think it’s fresh. You know, they think it’s now and Instagram jumped on it, which technically, yes, you. Right, but is just video marketing. And we’ve been watching ads and, you know, businesses promote themselves with video.

For years and reals, the reason why it is so important is it’s short video marketing. And now that everyone has 50 million places to be at once, if you can get in with your message and get out, you’re gonna be so much more effective.

Dahna Borg: Yeah, I love that. So what makes a good reel.

Alisha Marfatia: Yeah. Good question. So look, when it comes to reals and specifically when you are sharing and showcasing your product, it is so important. Because, you know, I love to say when it does come, come to, you know, eCommerce brands, you have so much potential, you could have you in it, you could have your product in it.

You could have both, you could have a influencer or a blogger or an ambassador. So there is so much potential that a lot of other businesses who don’t have a product don’t have the, you know, flexibility. So that’s

Dahna Borg: be my face. That’s it. That’s all. I’ve got.

Alisha Marfatia: our, our face is the product, but when you have a product that you can showcase, there’s so much you can do.

So if you are sharing reels with just the product, it’s really important to understand that your reels need to have a little bit more, right. Because when someone’s face is in a. We can’t help it. We showcase emotion. We move our body moves. Our face, moves our eyes, everything moves. And that’s how people can read us, understand the emotion, understand the feeling.

So when it does come down to product reals, I really like to look my secret power, the secret sauce, when it comes to product reels, I call them hybrid product reels. Right? If you’re just, and we’re just going off the product. So if you’re listening, you’re like, I don’t wanna show my face. I don’t wanna dance.

I don’t wanna point. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. You’re in a great place. So if you are showcasing your product, my sort of idea of what a really great hybrid reel looks like is you’re just combining two different types. So in those first three seconds, Something is scroll, stopping something, shocks your audience, something moves, something jumps.

Maybe it’s a transition. Maybe it is. You know, maybe it is text. Really, you know, attention grabbing text that you are using to hook your audience in. So in order to have a really great reel, you need to grab somebody’s attention in those first three seconds. The other part of a really good reel is to ensure that you are leading your audience somewhere else.

If you just create a real, if you take, you know, an hour, two hours, however long you wanna create that for, and then you don’t do anything with it, you’re not helping your. And so I have business owners then come to me and they say, Alicia, you know, I’ve tried real, but it doesn’t help my business. It’s not sending them to my website.

And I go and look, and it’s this cute real, or it’s this, you know, interesting. Real, and then nothing, it starts again, right? If that’s the people are just gonna scroll onto the next real. They don’t, it seems like common sense that, oh, well, I’m a business. So obviously I want you to go buy my product, but unless we tell them too people aren’t gonna do a next step.

So look, I think I’ve just gone off on 50 different tangents, but to we love the tangents, but to really summarize that right in order, what you need for a really great reel is to have something that hooks them in, in the first three seconds. And then something that gives them the next step.

Dahna Borg: I love that. And I think that’s so helpful. And so practical you know, having traditional, like content marketing, there were pillars and they were like, you need to have this, you need to have that. And like you can alternate between those. Do you find that still applies to reals?

Alisha Marfatia: So definitely for, you know, if it’s, if you are beginning, right. If you might be, you know, that beginner to intermediate level, when it comes to reels, what I like to say there is focus on four different types. Right. So we’ve got our educational, right? The, the hacks, the tips, the tutorials, the how to’s. Right.

We’ve got our shareable, right? The relatable stuff. That’s the ones that people be like, oh my gosh, tag my mom. Oh my gosh. Tag, my girlfriend. We were talking about this yesterday. Right? That’s the stuff that people can relate to. It’s the funny, the voiceover. They’re the ones that are most likely to go viral.

The third type is the storytelling. That’s the before and afters, the, you know, this this customer came to me, their skin was, you know, super sensitive, super dry. They didn’t feel confident without makeup, but now since using our product, right, the stories, whether it’s you, your customers or your brand story.

And then finally the promotional reels and that’s where you are promoting. What’s unique about your products. What’s unique about your brand, how to buy from you a special, a sale you know, a lead magnet to get them onto your email list. So those are the four types educational, relatable storytelling and promotional.

So if you’re starting out with reels and you are saying, okay, Alicia, I am posting. Two reels a week. Right. And that’s another big question that comes up a lot. How many reel should I be posting a week? So. When it comes down to how many, right? This is where I like to sort of break it down. So the first thing, 30 day reals challenges posting every day, there’s people out there and they say, you gotta do it. If you can’t maintain, if you and Woohoo the next month, you’re like posting a real again.

I’m burnt. I’m tired. I’m done. I am. don’t want that for you. So instead it’s a case of how many reels do you think you can consistently post per week? Right? If it’s one great. If it’s two great, right. But let’s make it consistent. So for a lot of business owners, the idea of creating two is a really great place to start.

And so if you are doing that, Over two weeks, you’ll be posting four reels. If my math is right, pretty sure it’s, it’s very basic good work, Alicia. But if you’re posting four reels over two, You can have a reel that ticks off each of those subjects. Each of those types of reels that we just spoke about.

So one week you could have an educational and a promotional the following week, you could have a relatable and a storytelling. And then that way you have a really nice balance. And you’re not just falling into the trap of doing one type, which is another big sort of area that I see a lot of business owners, they’re posting reels, and they’re saying, what am I doing wrong?

I’m like, You’ve not got the right balance. You know, you, you’ve got all the funny reels, but people don’t actually know how to buy from you.

Dahna Borg: Or what you sell

Alisha Marfatia: Yeah. Spot on. Spot on.

Dahna Borg: Yeah. So you’ve touched on a little bit in terms of you don’t have to do the dancing videos. Do you, for product based businesses still recommend showing your face, doing the dancing videos, having a bit of fun with it, or is there kind of like a, a middle ground that has your face, but doesn’t involve dancing, which I know terrifies a lot of people, myself included

Alisha Marfatia: No, it’s a really good question. And I think anyone who comes along and looks at me on the gram and my reels, they’re like she dances. So that means I’ve gotta dance and I’m. Like it’s about showcasing your brand. Right. And for me, I have, if you tell

a little bit like a bunny, right? Like I go no left and I recharge again. I’m not a dancer. I say I’m a boogie. I just move my body moves. And that’s how I showcase my energy and that’s me, my brand. So if you not the type of person that would get up and just have a boogie, don’t, it’s all about feeling, you know, feeling aligned with what you are doing.

And for some, you know, I have a product based business owner who we actually do real. We create the reels for her. We’ve been working with her for a bit of maybe 18 months now. And for privacy reasons, she can’t be in front of the reels. She can’t have her face in reels. So instead. Yes, we showcase the products.

Right. But what I recommend, if you are a, you know, hands down, never happening for whatever reason, right? It might be privacy. It might be that you are, you know, your 45 and your target customer is 16. And you’re like, well, my face in front of the brand, isn’t gonna connect with who I’m trying to target. So if for whatever reason, you’re, you are not able to be in front of the reel. can, we can look towards ambassadors. We can look at towards, you know, influencers or bloggers or creators. So definitely in answers to your question, you don’t, you don’t even have to be in front of the camera, but definitely if there is a face in front of the brand, you are going to get a lot more success with that because people can actually, you know, they can connect the face.

They can relate, they can connect and that’s gonna be a lot more effective for.

Dahna Borg: Yeah, that’s fantastic. And I think that’s something that other people do struggle with is to just think I have to dance. I don’t wanna dance real Arent for me. And, you know, seeing your content is amazing and I love it, but I had the same reaction. I was like, I don’t want them dance. But then you see the clients that you work with and those sorts of things.

And you’re like, they’re not dancing in that. They’re just doing cool stuff. So it’s good to know that there are all different options for those that are listening that are like, yep, cool. I wanna do my two. Do you have any sort of tips or strategies on how to actually create that content? If they’re not super comfortable with a camera?

Alisha Marfatia: Yeah. Awesome. So look, big, big place to start is I, I actually share think one once every week, Sort of don’t quote me on that, but about once every week I do share on my profile a product reel. And so definitely what I would say is go have a look at some of those and you can get some ideas.

None of those have my. Like it’s a product reel for a client. And so none of those have my face or a clients face in them. So if you wanna get started and showcase your products without a face, definitely say, go look at some of those, you’ll get some great ideas. Because you know, you can have a you know, a low ticket item.

You could have a really, really high ticket item. You know, I’ve worked with custom engagement ring. And so they’ve got, you know, their pieces. A lot of money in comparison to one of my clients who, you know, it might be $5 for their product. The big, big thing here is that regardless of how, you know, high ticket, low ticket, whatever, you can just showcase the product.

And if you want some inspiration of how to start, there’s some great places there. Some different that I like to tick off for a product based business is I love having the pack, this order with me. Right. And you don’t even necessarily need to show your face. It can just be your hands. It can just be, you know, from the back right time lapse of you packing the orders and that’s social proof of.

People are actually buying your products. And that always makes me wanna go buy I’m like maybe she’ll my so that’s, there’s one reel there. I also also love stop motion reels, and they can really hard. A lot of people like that. They so easy because all stop motion reels are, is you taking an amount of photos, right?

Like photo snap, snap, snap, snap. And in moments you can have them put in, right? You can bring them into your editing app. I prefer in shot and you bring them in, reduce the length of them, right. To about one second. And all of a sudden you’ve got a movie, right? That’s actually what videos are, right. When people say, what is 50 FPS per you know, what is 30 FPS?

Videos are just lots of different photos put together to make movements. And so that’s what a stop motion real is. So I love stop motion for product based businesses, because you can give your products feeling emotion, you know, you can make your product without the hands involved.

Dahna Borg: Very true. Very clever. I think, I think we recommend with clients and stuff as well. And for people learning Facebook ads is to create a swipe file. If you see something that you love, save it, keep it for inspiration down the track. So I think everyone go save all of Alicia’s videos.

Alisha Marfatia: every single one of them, save it, share it like it love it.

Dahna Borg: fantastic. Are hashtags still relevant on reels?

Alisha Marfatia: Such a good question. So look, I’ve definitely tested this a lot. And what I say to clients is they’re like the cherry on top, right? They’re nice to have, but they’re definitely not something that you need to stress over. I know that Instagram came out and they were sort of saying, you know, you should only be posting , using this many hashtags.

Right. And I’ve tested I’ve experimented. And I really can’t see the difference of using less. The most important thing is that you are relevant, you’re specific and relevant. So, you know, if you’ve got a photo of a dog, don’t go hashtag love don’t hash hashtag cute. You know, let’s get a little bit more specific.

And the other big thing as well is it’s actually more important that you are using keyword on your reels and in your captions. So my big prediction, I’ve been waiting for this for a while and, you know, look, it’s gonna be a big, updated, big change for Instagram, but I’ve already seen it happen with TikTok from the start.

So based on that, it’s only a matter of time before Instagram picks this up. What it is, is pretty much on TikTok their algorithm, right? Their set of rules, their, you know, their computering systems. It’s so technical, it’s so developed that they can pick up the text. What’s actually on , the TikTok, the video, right?

So you don’t need a caption. You don’t need hashtags and they could be sending, you know, women in business or Melbourne business owners, or, you know, plant lovers to you based on what’s actually on the TikTok on the video. And that’s what I predict Instagram reels to at some stage come to they’ve already become a lot more.

You. Like their searchability, based on the words you’re using in captions is already a lot better. So this is gonna more and more important. So instead of getting focused and definitely using keyword that will help you and your to ed on Instagram.

Dahna Borg: That’s fantastic advice, cuz I know so many people get so caught up in it. And just to know that is, I. Kind of relieving for people that they don’t have. Just one less thing to stress about. Put a cute hashtag in there that’s relevant and go about your business. You mentioned TikTok.

What are your thoughts on TikTok and how do you think the content differs? What do you think about people posting the same thing on both? Let’s let’s have a quick chat about TikTok.

Alisha Marfatia: yes. So look, I’ve definitely been on TikTok and had a bit of fun with it and everything, but the big, big thing TikTok is the lifespan of your content is a lot shorter. And I like, I, I like it for me. I like it for my clients. Right. You’re busy as it is. And so I want the content to do the work for you.

Right? I like to create it so that not only do you become best friends with the algorithm, but you actually have an employee that you’re not paying and that’s Instagram, right. Instagram’s doing work for you when you are asleep. So that’s why I much prefer reels because I’ve seen for clients three months later.

Their rules have taken off their rules have seen great success, whereas to, you know, when I was starting to look into it and I spoke to some, to experts there saying, yep. You know, to get started definitely eight per day. And I’m like, what,

Dahna Borg: for that?

Alisha Marfatia: what I’ve, I’ve got somewhat of a, you know, come on. And that’s the big thing there for me.

I. You know, there are so many tos being posted and the lifespan of it, you know, you put all this effort and time and love into something. And then, so the quality is actually lowered because of it. So they’re focusing on quantity rather than quality and on Instagram, they’re really prioritizing original content, you know?

And that’s what I love and stand for the stuff that’s gonna actually create an impact further than just today and tomorrow, but weeks in advanced as.

Dahna Borg: Yeah, I love that. Do you think it’s okay to post a reels directly to TikTok?

Alisha Marfatia: So look it’s, I would definitely say, go for it. If you are time poor, which let’s parents, that a lot of us are definitely go for it. But what I would say they are, is figure out where your, you know, the majority of your dream buyer is. If you’ve got people and they’re already buying from you on Instagram, don’t then go and create the content on TikTok and then repurpose it to Instagram, prioritize, creating it for the platform that is your priority.

And then you can go and repurpose it to wherever. But definitely, definitely. I know for a fact that Instagram is like, even be saying the TT word. I’m not saying it, but I know that Instagram. Hates things being repurposed and they’re making it harder and harder for you to bring along something from I that’s what I would.

Dahna Borg: Fantastic. And there you go. People, people, they are listening. we’ve known this for a while. I know you’ve shared so many tips already, but do you have any more tips on content creation for the busy business owner.

Alisha Marfatia: Yes. Okay. So yeah, let me I’ll give you some quick fire tips, Alicia, to the point. Cut the fluff. First things first is, do not get stuck on the trend train It is so easy to just be like, look, what’s trending. All right, I’ll do that. And if you wanna be the leader, if you wanna be the go to product in your industry, right.

You can’t just keep relying on copying and doing what other people are doing in your own way. So that’s the first thing. I I’m all for trends, but you know, just doing trends, that’s not a strategy. So that’s the first thing there. Second thing, when it comes to reels, You know, create a base, create like a base sort of, of content, right?

So people get really worked up on. I’ve gotta create, I’ve gotta create, I’ve gotta. Change that story in your mind to documenting your journey. So that, that way you have a folder in your camera roll of, oh, that time that I just took a time lapse. Cause I was packing an order. Oh, that time that I took a time lapse or a video, you know, whilst I was pouring my coffee that way it makes your job a whole lot easier.

And you’ve got any time that you’re not feeling like being in front of the camera or you’re like, oh, what do I post. You’ve got this folder of content that you’ve documented along your journey and tip number three. I dunno if you ask for three, but you getting them now number three. For product based businesses.

You don’t have to have fancy equipment, right? Especially, especially when you’re using reels, don’t try to, you know, get fancy videographers because people connect with they connect with that quality that. Looks authentic, you know, as soon as someone sees that higher end higher end video quality, they then think, oh, here’s an ad next.

Right. So your superpower actually is with it not being super perfect. Okay. Definitely. You know, when it comes to products, we need that aesthetic. We need that, you know, shop front still needs to look, you know, great. Clothes in the background. If the kids have made a mess, you know, like it doesn’t have to always be perfect because sometimes that’s your superpower, people can connect and relate to that better.

Dahna Borg: So good. And it’s the thing. I see so many people doing wrong on TikTok, especially I’m still new to reels, but they make these beautiful ads and then pop them on TikTok. And it’s this, this does not belong here. So I think it’s good for people to know that it, it is that authenticity and that realism that people really resonate with.

I think that’s fantastic.

Alisha Marfatia: Absolutely. Absolutely. Oh, I’m gonna give one more, one more, but if you are creating content with reels, repurpose it for ads. Repurpose it for Pinterest, like far out. Oh

Dahna Borg: oh my God. Yes. we just found out one of our clients has been running reel since didn tell us we were like, why we, we can use these on your ads. They’re amazing. So yes, no 10 outta 10. Agree with you on that one. Especially if you’ve got influences and things, doing them for you, that stuff is add gold.

Alisha Marfatia: Yes. And can I ask you a question because I’ve got my own opinion on this, but I would love your thoughts on the topic of reels. So. Recently reels have created the option that you can now boost or promote your real rights, a very nice, easy way for business owners to, you know, spend more money to. So I would love to know because a lot of business owners like great, I can now run ads and just by clicking in this button, all I have my opinion and I think it’s probably gonna be very

Dahna Borg: You can see my face. No one else can see my face. Look, anytime Facebook or Instagram asks you to boost anything. It is a waste of money. The day that you can use those reels as is. In the ads manager, 10 outta 10, promote the hell out of them. What we’ve done with clients, because obviously you can’t export the reels out with sound is just pick the reels that the sound is irrelevant to the content of the video and then run them as ads because most people don’t watch ads with video anyway.

Oh, sorry with sound anyway. So it doesn’t make that much of a difference in an ad, whereas reels, everyone listens to with sound. So yeah, that boost button is just Facebook making a money grab. In my opinion,

Alisha Marfatia: Absolutely. Thank you very much for clarifying

Dahna Borg: page. no, I saw that today, cuz I posted a reel for the first time in a very long time. I’m gonna follow your strategy after this and I saw that and I was like, Ooh, that that’s Facebook making a money grab, but I’m excited to see it because it will mean that eventually those will be available in the ads manager, like a normal ad.

And that will be a very good. Do you have, I know we’ve done lots of threes, but maybe do two, maybe do four. Your top tips for eCommerce businesses.

Alisha Marfatia: Yes, love it. Okay. So definitely first of all, humanize your brand. I feel like a lot of eCommerce businesses, especially when they’re starting up, they feel like they have to, you know, be this front of us. You know, we’ve got a team with, you know, they think, I don’t want people to know I’m a small business owner.

I don’t want people to know it’s just me from my home. That’s actually your superpower, whatever you feel vulnerable about whatever you feel, you know, I’ve gotta protect, I’ve gotta, you know, prop this front professional chances are that is actually your superpower that you are holding yourself back from.

So that’s the first one, you know, I, now these days I look for brands. I look for products where I can see the owner where I can see some face that I connect it to. Second thing here. Oh, my goodness user generated content like far out. It is just absolute fire. These days. It’s authentic. It’s real. You can use it for reals.

You can use it for ads. You can use it for anything. So really finding ways to incentivize your audience. To create the content for you. So, and it is possible. I love getting products have too many products online, but I love buying products and they’ve got you know, these incentives and I’m like, that makes me wanna, you know, post a photo, post a story.

Wow. That’s worked well. So definitely, definitely when it comes to using, you know, getting content for reals, getting reals in general, it’s expanding your reach, being more effective with user generated content 100.

Dahna Borg: Thousand percent agree with you. It’s phenomenal for ads as well.

Alisha Marfatia: Yes. A and look, you know, I’ve, I’ve got a few clients who have actually gone to, you know, they’ve gone to ad specialists and things like that.

That’s not me. Not that I’m not that this is why we’re good together. But you know, they’ve come back and said, look, we need, they’ve said we want, they want user generated content. I’m well, you know, we’ve got our content that we’ve created for reals and stuff, but I would love this generated content

Dahna Borg: Can I have it too.

Alisha Marfatia: Yeah. Like it’s it’s really, for any type of marketing, any point of it is gonna be really effective to have that user generated content.

Dahna Borg: amazing. Do you think we’ve missed anything before we ask the last couple of little questions?

Alisha Marfatia: Oh, look, when I’m falling asleep at night tonight, I’m gonna definitely like at this moment, reckon we’re pretty far from missed anything. Please come slide on into my DM. Send me a message.

Dahna Borg: If not we’ll, if we work out, we’ve missed a lot, we’ll do a follow up episode in a couple of months when everything’s changed and the algorithms decide to be

Alisha Marfatia: Yeah, absolutely. Part two.

Dahna Borg: fantastic. Do you have any strategies or habits that you follow each day to help you stay in track and.

Alisha Marfatia: big thing for me is that I’ve put a I’ve put a limit on Instagram per day. That’s been absolutely essential far out because you do you just scroll and scroll and scroll. So what I like to say now is showing up on the app on Instagram, on socials, wherever it is with purpose. So now I’m sort of like.

I’m gonna do a bit of scrolling. I’m gonna set aside, I’m gonna put an alarm on and I’m gonna scroll. Whether it be TikTok, whether it be Instagram, wherever it might. To find some audios to find some INPO and then I’m gonna save that in my notes. And the next time I’m available to shoot reels, whether it may be in front of it, whether it’s products, whatever.

I already have that research, I already have that prepped and ready to go. So that’s a big, big part that, you know, it’s kind of like batch creating. I’ve kind of fallen a little bit away from batch creating. So anyone wondering what is. It’s when you, you know, create multiple reels or multiple pieces of content at once.

And it got to a point where I was like, yeah, that’s creating 12 reels in one day. We love that. Right. But then they then just end up in the graveyard, the reels draft graveyard, and I would never post them. So they at the moment. Yeah,

Dahna Borg: that’s so good.

Alisha Marfatia: not, it’s not a good place. But so now these days, I like to sort of take it one week at a time.

Things are fast paced, fast moving. And so once a week, I like to sort of do a bit of a scroll, find some audios. I love come up with some ideas and then have that allocated time where I’m actually gonna make them happen. And then that way I’ve got the next week of content ready to go. And that’s been so effective for my.

Dahna Borg: Fantastic. Do you have a favorite podcast?

Alisha Marfatia: Oh, my goodness. Do I look, I look my, and it’s not very related to business actually. No definitely. Favorite podcast at the moment does all the time, moment, audible nightmares. All it’s so good.

Dahna Borg: I’ll have to check it out. I love

Alisha Marfatia: Yeah.

Dahna Borg: And before we wrap up Tell us a little bit about the social impact and how people can find you.

Alisha Marfatia: Yes. So you can come and find me on the gram. You can find me at the social impact co send me a DM or better yet. Share a story wherever you’re listening right now. And tag us. Right tag, Don tag myself, where you’re listening, you might be able to walk drinking a cocktail, coffee, whatever it’s. But and then, you know, if you do wanna take a step and you know, the best thing right now, and I’m actually going to give this to Donna and you can put in the show notes below is I.

I ran a story challenge back in April and it was incredible. It is incredible. I love reels, but when it comes to Instagram stories, I’ve got a bit of magic there too. So I ran this challenge and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna give you a and that way, anyone listening, you’ve got to the end of this episode, so congratulations.

And then that way they can jump on in and get that for free. So, that’s that’s something there and it’s five days five prompts. You get them by email each day and it’s pretty much, I. Have found the secret source. And so what I’ve done is I’ve literally stepped it out for you. So story one post and say this story two post and say that story three.

And and just one of my I’m doing another one soon and someone messaged me today. Like I’m already in I sold out all my products on the last one. So I was like, OK, OK, let’s do it. So I’ll get that for you as well.

Dahna Borg: that would be amazing. Thank you. And if people want to work with you, what sort of capacity does that happen in

Alisha Marfatia: Yeah. So look, we do have our real management and that’s best if you are like, OK, I’ve listened to this, I get it. I understand it. I don’t wanna do it. So then you can just literally handball it to us and we can create post create your custom strategy for real, for you. And then alternatively, if you wanna learn, we got that.

I’ve got my Insta product academy, which. There are no ads. I do not know ads. So this is why, again, we’re not a dynamic little du. But that is really for the one stop shop for product based business owners. For Instagram, you will learn product real specifically. You will learn, you know, all the user generated content strategies, story strategies, everything is in there that you need and it’s lifetime access.

So that way, if there’s updates, I’ll come back and give it to you rather than you needing to join another course or another.

Dahna Borg: Amazing. Well, thank you so much for joining us. You’ve shared so much actual, practical, actionable tips. Hopefully everyone took lots of notes, but thank you for joining us.

Alisha Marfatia: Thank you so much for having me.

Dahna Borg: Thanks for listening to the Bright Minds of eCommerce podcast. As always you’ll find the show notes at forward slash episode 34

Thanks for listening.

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