Are you ready to grow your eCommerce business?

With over a decade of marketing experience and proven Return on Ad Spend across a variety of eCommerce niches, we know what it takes to grow and scale your Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Welcome to Bright Red Marketing

Do you want more sales and customers?

Do you feel that digital marketing and advertising is the way to get there? 

Perhaps Facebook Ads are already working for your brand, but you’d rather spend your time running your business than managing ads? 

You’re in the right place.

Over the years, we’ve developed a specific, tried and tested strategy for eCommerce businesses that will help you reach new people and re-engage your existing customers – so you can focus on growing your business. We know when our clients spend $1 on Facebook and Instagram ads, we can make them up to $15 back. That’s why we love what we do. 

We clearly distinguish what’s working and what’s not, then scale and grow from there.


How Bright Red Marketing can help

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Grow your business with Facebook and Instagram Advertising. Whether it’s reaching new audiences or re-engaging existing customers, we can help.

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Video Production for Facebook and Instagram Ads

We’ll work with you to create custom graphics and videos to help communicate your key marketing messages, drive traffic to your website and help generate sales.

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Influencer Engagement and Management

Want to work with influencers, but not sure where to start? Let us help you find and manage quality influencers to market your products, brand, and business.

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Tailored Marketing Coaching and Consulting

Benefit from our 10+ years of experience working with eCommerce businesses big and small, to help them grow and scale, with tailored advice and strategies.

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We work with brands like yours

We only work with eCommerce stores. We particularly love working with fashion, beauty and animal brands but welcome any industry.

Here’s an idea of who we’ve worked with to create Facebook and Instagram ads that work.


The Bright Red Marketing Blog

From how to scale your ads, to the strategy and technical skills behind a successful campaign, you’ll find it all on the Bright Red Marketing blog.


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Here's what our happy clients say

We have absolute confidence and trust in their ability to market appropriately & successfully, whilst knowing they carefully scrutinise the performance of our ads to give us the best value for money possible.

HELEN BARKLAEarlwood Equine

When we started with Bright Red Marketing we were selling 1500 garments through our online sales channel a year, now we are selling 1500 to 2000 garments a month. What’s more, Dahna and her team are easy to communicate with, they're innovative, have a great sense of humour and have taken the time to truly understand our business.

Sam Coulton + Dana DonponGoondiwindi Cotton

Could not recommend Dahna more.
She is so lovely and knows her stuff.
I would definitely use again!
Thank you.


We went from 50 orders a week to 150 a week. It is so exciting to finally be able to reach more people with a great facebook ads campaigns and answer fabulous emails daily from customers so excited to find us.


Bright Red Marketing are clearly incredible strategists and digital marketers for the world of online retail... clear guidance, excellent ideas, directions and concepts, allowing us to break through all the noise...


The Bright Minds of eCommerce Podcast

Peek inside the minds of successful eCommerce entrepreneurs and experts with Bright Red Marketing’s Bright Minds of eCommerce podcast.


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December 5, 2023
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From 10k in 10 Minutes to 150 Stockists within 2 Years with Victoria Scuteri from Destino the Label

November 20, 2023
In this illuminating episode of the Bright Minds of E-Commerce Podcast, Dahna engages in a heartfelt conversation with Victoria Scuteri, the visionary founder of Destino…

Making the Most of Your Product Photography with Paige Noelle

November 14, 2023
Dive into the vibrant world of product photography with the fabulous Paige Noelle Stylist! In this episode, Paige spills the beans on turning your DIY…

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