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A Facebook ad that gets a lot of likes, shares, or comments, is a HUGE asset. This type of engagement can turn your ad from ordinary to extraordinary by keeping and growing your hard-earned reactions, likes, and comments. This engagement is often called Social Proof.
People inherently TRUST more when there’s strength in numbers. However, when you duplicate a high-performing ad and show it to a new audience, all of those likes, shares, and comments are gone. That’s why we recommend utilising those strong engagement ads, and we’ll show you how.
Of course, Meta is going to make it harder to keep these things, but we’ve found the best way to keep these comments (Social Proof) when creating new ads.
A little caveat, if you’re using Facebook’s ‘dynamic creative’ features, you’ll lose a solid chunk of the comments as they aren’t technically all on the same ads.

Step 1.

Follow the link above, you’ll find your post and ad IDs. Now head to Ad Posts

Step 2.

Find the ad you want to use and take note of the ID number.

Step 3.

In the ‘Ad Setup’, select ‘Use Existing Post’.

Step 4.

Click ‘Enter Post ID’ and enter the 15-digit post ID number.

Step 5.

Review the ad to ensure it’s the correct chosen ad ID and publish.

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