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No one can dispute how truly brilliant some of Coco-Cola’s advertising is and their “Small World” Campaign is no different.

The Inspiration Room has a brilliant article on it here and you can view it in action on YouTube as well…

Essential a giant touch screen was installed in Pakistan and another in India, and people could go up to it and see someone in another Country. Together they had to complete a task, touch hands, draw a smiley face, etc and they would receive a free Coke.

Not only is this clever as a marketing exercise, but it’s also a brilliant social experiment… and I love social experiments – especially the kind that brings a smile to my face.

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Here is another of my favorites – not a marketing tactic – just a lot of fun! Sit in a Ball Pit and Make a Friend! *It’s been added to my bucket list to do this – if you want to help me make that happen let me know*

To bring this back to marketing – these social experiments are great for your marketing, as they don’t always have to cost a lot of money – How much does it cost to set up a ball pit in the middle of town?! And they get your message across in a fun way without being a direct sell.

Do you have any favorite videos or stories?

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