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It becomes very easy when marketing to be so focused on selling that we forget who we are selling to… People are not robots!

Yes as marketers we want to be selling our products, and yes we need to always have our end goal in place, but we need to remember that we are all human and want to build relationships. And if you can do that it will make your marketing much more effective.

Things to consider:

  • Can you include some humor? We all love to laugh after all
  • Is there some “semi-relevant” and entertaining information that you can share with your customers?

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  • How can you go above and beyond and add that personal touch? Setting up a birthday email for example, perhaps with a birthday offer.
  • If you have Facebook and Twitter, are you actually communicating with your customers, or are you just constantly sending them information?

What do you do to add that personal touch to your marketing?

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