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We have a few clients at the moment going through web site updates, as well as our own website being upgraded so I thought I’d share with you some of the keys to a successful website!

1. Image is everything

If you are selling a product, people want to know what they are buying and when shopping online, your images are the only thing they have to judge your product by. The interesting aspect here is the image factor also applies to non-product-based businesses. The imagery you use if you are a consultant, or sell information online is vital.

Make sure you use engaging images on your blog posts, if you are selling a service find or take images that will help sell that service, and if you are selling information find images that portray the product.

2. Contact is key

It seems obvious, however, it occasionally gets missed in the process of creating a site. If they can’t find a way to contact you in one click, from every single page, you have a problem. If you can give them a few ways to contact you.

3. Simplicity

This is becoming more important, the more complex your business model and products get. If you can’t explain what you do and how you do it in a few short sentences, spend some time going through it until you can. Ask your customers, business partners, or even family and friends for help if you need to.

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4. Point of Difference

Your website needs to clearly differentiate you from the competition. Small differences and a well-branded site are essential to ensuring that your customers don’t confuse you with another brand and can easily remember you.

5. Engagement

Your website needs a call to action, a reason for them to engage. Whether it is to buy the product online, to make an inquiry, or to subscribe to a newsletter, without this – it isn’t worth having a website.

Websites are always a work in progress and even when we do a complete overhaul by the time it is finished, there is always something new we want to change and update. Good news for the web designers out there! As long as you are continually improving and updating you’re on the right track!


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