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Every now and then a brand comes along that proves marketing theory right. One of these brands is Frank… if you haven’t met Frank you need to.

Frank is the sweet, sexy, kind, confident man missing from your life. He tells you that you’re beautiful and pours you a glass of wine and runs you a nice hot bubble bath… He is well on his way to being most women’s dream man… except he is a body scrub and costs $14.95.

Frank has created such a persona around the packet of body scrub that you almost forget that Frank isn’t a real person. Frank has perfectly created a brand persona.

A brand persona is a brilliant marketing tool to connect with your clients, especially in an overcrowded market, or for a ‘not so exciting’ product. Building a character around your brand, helps people to remember you and dare I say it, Love you!

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Check out the marketing language on the Frank website, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest account… the brand takes on the character and never falters. It’s brilliant marketing.

So how can you take advantage of this? Build your brand personality, decide what character traits your brand persona would have, is it masculine or feminine? What language would they use? Write up a full character profile if you want and run with it.

Not sure if your brand would suit a brand character this strong? Send me an email or comment below and I’ll be happy to help!

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