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Facebook is a powerful marketing tool – but possibly not for the reasons you think.

A lot of people love Facebook because it is free marketing‚Ķ however, it really isn’t, and to get the most out of Facebook you need to be willing and ready to create exceptional content, and spend a little bit of money.

Facebook knows a lot about you, and for the average citizen it can get a little bit “Big Brother” but for those in the marketing world, it has brilliant targeting capabilities. In marketing, we are always talking about targeting, and the smaller the niche that is your target market the better.

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Facebook allows you to directly target those people. Your target market is women 25-30 who have children aged between 0-3 who like organic produce? We can create ads and content and target them directly to those women. Maybe your target market is 60-65-year-old divorced/widowed men who like classic cars and fine wine… we can target them as well.

Define your market, and I mean really define it, and with Facebook, we can target those people and those people alone! So yes you may be spending money, but no other media will let you get right in front of the people that you want this easily.

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