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Instagram is a fantastic marketing tool if you have an image-based business – whether it is images of your products, you are a photographer, or use it to provide inspiration and information to your customers in a beautiful way.

But the question always is How do I get more followers? Here are a few tips before I share my secret! 

  1. Use quality images – Instagram is definitely a case of quality over quantity
  2. Add a comment to each post, and make sure you use a few choice hashtags
  3. Follow and comment on other people’s pages – make sure your comments are genuine and not just for the sake of commenting
  4. Finally, realize that it is going to be a slow process to build up – so make sure you enjoy it!

Now for the top-secret tip… My friend coined the term “slash-tagging”, essentially, after posting your image, type a comment using as many hashtags as you possibly can, everything you can think of, everything! Then in an hour or two – delete this comment. This is essentially SEOing your Instagram posts so that more people are likely to find you. The reason you delete it is that excessive hashtags can look too much like spam, so when someone looks at your page, they won’t see thousands of hashtags, just your fantastic content, and lots of comments and likes. 

Try it and let me know how you go!

My name is Dahna and I’m the founder of Bright Red Marketing. I live and breathe marketing, I can’t see an advertisement without analyzing it, or pass by a Marketing Book without reading it. Most of all I love helping businesses with their marketing and I love to chat.

I’d love to hear from you, contact me here:

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