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Meerkat is one of the newest Social Media platforms – a live stream program connected to Twitter. A mix of  Snapchat, Twitter, and Webinars with the exclusivity of LiveStream that cannot be repeated, replayed, or watched later.

Now how does this affect your marketing? It allows you to engage face-to-face with your potential clients, let them know the real you, make new friends, and engage with your followers. Users can send you messages as you film your video, and you can reply in real-time.

Social media has always been about engagement, and building relationships, and this has become much easier with this incredible platform – Even the creator is still unsure as to whether this truly will be the next big thing – But I have a feeling it’s going to have a big impact on the marketing world!

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So how can you use this for your business?

  • Showcase your day to day life
  • Host Q&A’s
  • Run Tutorials
  • Introduce people to your favorite friends and places
  • Engage with new clients
  • Entertain your followers with your quirky-ness

Make sure you do two things – Showcase yourself, people want to know the real you! And make sure you provide them value. That could be entertainment value, or educational, but ensure your videos are worth watching, sharing, and most importantly coming back to!

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