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Just yesterday I had a meeting with a client to talk over their marketing strategy as they are now so busy they cannot handle the number of new client inquiries coming through the door. Exciting news for my client! They were very happy. 

Now after hearing about this, I’ve had a couple of people asking me to duplicate their social media strategy – most of their leads are coming through Facebook ads – and I’ve had to fill them in on all the hard work that went into the back end of this particular campaign. 

Not only was there a Facebook campaign, but there were also print ads, email marketing, and a brilliant (if I do say myself) word of mouth campaign. Now would any of these have been successful without the other, probably – but would they have been as effective without the accompanying strategies, definitely not. 

I’m begging you, please don’t get pulled into a campaign that is going to change your business forever, if it doesn’t come with a full campaign strategy. It just won’t work.

We can get sucked into the idea that you need SEO, or Facebook ads, or print campaigns, or a solid email strategy, but there are very few people out there effectively showing businesses how all of these components link together to bring you the best results.

If you want a hand, and want to know what strategies will work best for you, fill out the form below and we can have a chat to see what will work best for you!

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