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VIDEO: Facebook Live + A Blogging Tool You Have To Use + A Guide To Creating A Blog Post

By May 22, 2016October 21st, 2021No Comments

In case you missed it, here is one of my first attempts at Facebook Live!


Hi everyone, it’s Dahna from Bright Red Marketing. In case you don’t know who I am, I am the founder of Bright Red Marketing.

And this is my first time going Live, so be patient with me, and I hope you’ll join and come say hello. 

So first things first, I am running a program with some of my students called Do It Bright and essentially in this program, what we do is each month we help them go through the things they need to know to do their marketing.

This month we are focusing on building your list. And in this process I’ve discovered this really cool little tool called Start a Fire, now if you are ever on social media, or ever sharing links this is an amazing little tool to add to your repertoire.

Essentially what it does is, you know how we share these links to these places that aren’t our own, so we are sharing’s articles and other experts in our industry that have really great things to say.

But, you’re sending people there and they have no way of getting back to you, so what Start A Fire does is allow people to come in and when they are on that site, they can see all of your articles down the bottom and they are more likely to come back to your content.

So it’s a great little tool to start using.

Now in case, you don’t know what the Do It Bright program is. The Do It Bright program

is a monthly program where we go through the things and the challenges that you’ll have as a small business owner. 

So these are how to build your list, how to do Facebook marketing, how to look after your email marketing. So this month, as I said, we are doing List Building. Which is just great, and everyone is really enjoying it. 

So this week, I would love to challenge you to actually try out Facebook Live. (Here’s an article if you’re not sure how to get started)

I was terrified, you’ll be terrified, I promise you it won’t be that bad, just give it a go, it’ll be a really great way to get yourself out there, and meet some new people!

So we are here to talk about how to make a great blog post, so a really great strategy and a way to start is to come up with a question. Find a question that is a big problem for your people. So, what are you frustrated with, what are you struggling with, and then write an actionable article that solves that problem? Don’t get all theoretical as to what the problem is, actually give them something they can go away and do.

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What that does is give them a really quick win and they will have a little more respect for you which is the ultimate goal. What I’d also love you to do in your blog post is to actually add in an opt-in. So all of your blog posts should have an opt-in if they are getting out there and people are responding to that post, so put that blog post in there, make sure you’ve got an opt-in. Then go nuts and share it.

Just a little reminder about our Do It Bright program it is available to anyone. Our next start date is the 15th of April. (You can book in and find out more here)

We haven’t decided on a topic yet, we kind of wait and see what everyone wants and what they are struggling with. But thank you very much for joining me and I hope you’ll try out Facebook Live.

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