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A big issue I’ve seen lately is people unable to get Facebook Reviews on their Facebook page.

Choosing your Facebook Page category when you first set up your page seems like such an innocent decision, but it can have a big impact on your Facebook Page.

But don’t worry! It’s easily fixed.

Here is the list of Facebook Page types, a short description, and whether or not they enable Facebook Reviews:

Local Business or Place – Yes – Perfect for local business and location-specific places!

Companies, Organization, Institution – Yes – Operate nationwide or international from one main office? This one’s for you!

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Brand or Product – No – Do you operate from multiple locations, don’t have a specific address that is relevant? Pick this one.

Artist, Band, or Public Figure – No – Are you an individual/group/band? Pick this! If you are the face behind a business or your name is your business, pick a company or local business instead. 

Entertainment – No (with exceptions to local business-based entertainment ie. Cinema) – If you are an entertainment-based business, select this option.

Cause or Community – No – Are you bringing together a community of people, a support network, or a cause. Select this option. Don’t pick this option if you want a ‘community’ of people following your business – pick a business page instead!

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