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This is an unusual article – it’s both a letter of thanks and a word of warning… 

You will no doubt have heard of Cyclone Debbie…

I recently moved up to Mackay for my partner’s work, and well we were potentially smacked bang in the middle of Debbie’s path. Two days before she made landfall we were in a panic trying to prepare – gotta love the over-anxious brain I possess – and once she hit we were without power for almost four days, and then my computer died.  

Needless to say, it was a bad week for work, and a very uninspired forced holiday. It’s amazing how much we rely on the little things like electricity and the internet – I suppose that’s the danger of the laptop lifestyle.

My point. I was very difficult to contact, unable to do the usual work I do for clients, and there were supposed to be two big project launches. Out of my dozens of clients that had worked on that week. I had one that was difficult, and I found a way to make that project work – lucky it was an easy fix.

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I am so grateful to have amazing clients that were happy to be flexible and patient, knowing that there was very little I could do in the present moment to rectify the situation. And for that, I say thank you to all of those clients who happily rescheduled and were patient while their launches and campaigns were delayed. 

So, my word of warning and my advice – when you’re building your business that is focused on client contact make sure you are working with amazing people. Yes, I know that times get tough and you take on the ill-fitting clients because you need the money, we’ve all done it – but try as hard as you can to get out of that asap. Focusing on clients that you love working with, and who love working with you. It’ll make life and business infinitely easier.  

Things will always go wrong, it’s not always going to be an actual cyclone, but technology breaks, emergencies, and illnesses happen, we are all human after all.  

Business isn’t all about making money but creating a life you love and that is infinitely easier with wonderful clients.

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