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The world of digital advertising is full of great campaigns designed by clever people and teams.

An effective ad involves a high-impact, provocative and memorable image reflecting the brand values, is relevant and engaging to the target audience while featuring a strong, snappy headline and content to capture attention.

I explore the ads that impressed me this month.

AHM Health Insurance

Backed by Medibank, the Australian Health Management Insurance group offers products and services for private health insurance and cover. With a target audience directed to people who put off getting insurance – including millennials – their aim is to keep health insurance uncomplicated.

With this kind of message, AHM’s approach to their Facebook page keeps things simple. This particular ad uses a cute graphic – which is different to most ads and so stands out. The ad keeps things really simple while offering an easy fix to a common problem. It’s a clever strategy that keeps traffic costs low.

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Generation Clay

From Darlinghurst HQ in Sydney, Generation Clay produces purifying clay masks in a variety of aesthetically-muted colours and created from Australian botanical products with a sustainable green approach. Creator/ Owner/ Lawyer/ Model Ryan Channing launched the masks following the success of his iconic activated charcoal Australian skincare range BLAQ, with both brands targeting an urban female demographic of ‘glow-getters’. Generation Clay’s Facebook presence aligns with their brand of minimal, clean and sleek design.

Carousel ads are always one of my favourite style of ads. This ad uses video at the front to really grab your attention, and then follows up with clever product placement.

Peter Alexander

Quintessential pyjama giant and sleepwear label, Peter Alexander has been one of Australia’s strongest brands for more than 30 years – he’s certainly come a long way from sewing on his mother’s kitchen table. A prestige lifestyle brand that is both aspirational and affordable, the brand’s target market is directed to women and men aged 19-39 from a middle class or higher background, as well as financially comfortable and fashion-conscious parents. 

With a huge focus on print advertising in magazines and newspapers, their  Facebook Page focuses on their female and family-friendly audience featuring the many faces of Australian women, kids, and pets. Peter Alexander always does a great ad. This one is adorable, but the real reason I love this ad is due to the cinemagraph quality – a wonderfully intriguing technique we explored in our blog >> here. It’s mostly a picture where a small element moves. It is attention-grabbing, and because it’s video-based you can use a custom audience of video views for a retargeting purposes.

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