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This is the greatest Facebook mystery of all time: To Business Manager, or not to Business Manager – that is the question.

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer – Facebook Ads Manager or Facebook Business Manager: what’s the difference?

Facebook Ads Manager

The Ads Manager is particularly ideal for personal use or with one business, as the central area allowing you to create and manage your campaigns. The Ads Manager was designed to be straightforward and uncomplicated, allowing you to

  • create and run ads
  • target ads to an ideal audience by setting filters such as objectives and audience demographics
  • monitor delivery – whether the ad is active or complete – and the ads’ performances
  • set your budget, and
  • manage your billing

You can go ahead and set the Facebook Ads Manager>> here.

Ads Manager Pros

Simply put, the Ads Manager keeps things simple – it was designed that way.

Ads Manager Cons

In all its simplicity, it means that there isn’t a great deal of control – particularly with who can and cannot access the accounts area.

Facebook Business Manager

While the Ads Manager has been simply designed, the Business Manager is specifically next level. Originally built to help large companies and agencies collaborate, the Business Manager has evolved into an ideal hub for any business with multiple team members managing multiple accounts.


It’s effective for a business

  • with multiple Facebook pages and a large team
  • advertising in several geographical areas with different time zones
  • targeting many clients
  • as an eCommerce company targeting audiences to push sales, or
  • as a website or blog using custom audiences

The Dashboard

As the center of all Facebook management, the dashboard presents a snapshot of all your Pages, Ads, Apps, People, and Campaigns with their details and performances available for analysis at a glance. The Business Manager is designed to streamline your workflow so you don’t have to switch back and forth between accounts.

Greater Control

Ultimately, the Business Manager has been designed for organization, keeping you focused while removing you from the distraction of your personal news feed. To keep all things working nicely in one place, your work email address can be linked to the Business Manager. This means notifications reach your work address rather than your personal one. It’s also a handy feature allowing you to allocate account roles to anyone you need to with their own logins – even when they’re not your Facebook friend.


The Business Manager also offers complete control with the security of adding – and removing – staff, team members or partners customised access to pages and accounts while tracking their movements.

Ad Account roles and permissions can be assigned as

  • Page Analyst: can see ads and view insights
  • Page Advertiser: can create, edit and manage ads and view insights
  • Page Editor: can edit the page, post and send messages, create ads, and view insights
  • Page Moderator: can act as the page, post, send messages, respond to and delete comments while creating ads and viewing insights
  • Page Admin: can manage all aspects of the page such as posting, sending messages, create ads, view insights, and assigning page roles

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Since reports are necessary for valuable insights following each campaign, the Business Manager offers reports that are easily accessible and easy to read with plenty of options for analysis that are as simple or complicated as you like.

Business Manager Pros

The stand-out advantage of the Business Manager is that it allows you to switch easily between Ad Accounts – especially if you have many going all at once. The security feature also makes it really simple to offer specific roles and permissions to others – and just as simple to remove them.

Business Manager Cons

As the focus for the Business Manager is more on Ads management and analysis, accessing Page comments and messages can be difficult.


But most importantly: once you go to Business Manager, you can’t go back.

Flick that Business Manager switch and you can’t turn it off – you’re stuck with it for life.

You can go ahead and set the Facebook Business Manager>> here.

Moral To The Story

If it’s only you and you’re starting out, Ads Manager is a perfect choice.

If you’re looking at managing multiple businesses with a large team, go to Business Manager.

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