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The problem

There’s plenty of noise in the sustainability world at the moment – it sure is saving the planet, but how do we ensure that a brand stands out in the crowd?

For one ethical online grocer on the cusp of a new product launch, it was proving a feat to have their voice heard in the eco-crowd. Their new packaging range deserved a scroll-stopping introduction that was both informative and targeted. In the initial organic social media roll-out conducted by the business, the message was getting lost in the mix and engagement was low.

The solution

That’s where we stepped in. Our approach to ramping up the packing campaign was two-pronged.

Initially, with such a broad audience, we narrowed in on their direct consumer database and tested a sub-audience of general, eco-loving customers.

In establishing two primary audiences (Warm and Eco-loving), we tested a series of copy and imagery. We used several versions of messaging, ranging in informational to emoji heavy. We found that a balance of short and snappy informative posts and copy that included customer reviews worked best.

All of this with the clients $10 a day budget. Yes, we usually work with larger budgets and do recommend it, but for this client, we needed to keep spend to a minimum.

The result

Following the campaign relaunch, we were able to boost engagement and generate a 15.93 Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). In week one, a $70.00 ad spend was converted to over $1116.60 in the new packaging sales. The final week of the relaunch campaign generated ROAS of 24 – a great example of how a multi-month campaign achieves long-term results with the correct ad setup.

Week One ROAS versus Last Week ROAS – a continual improvement over the course of the campaign

The total campaign lifetime was three months, and during that time, we were able to reach 42,880 people, a purchase conversion of $7235.00, and a 6.04 ROAS.

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