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STOKEDNZ is run by the amazing Debs Brockelsby and she came to us after very successfully managing her ads. But she wanted to focus on other aspects of the business and hand over the ads management.

She had previously worked with a Klaviyo specialist and was keen to focus on building her email list, so we got to work!

The Problem

STOKEDNZ had a very successful email list, the challenge was getting new people onto that list that were relevant to the brand and cost-effective.

The Solution

To save costs, and to test our strategy we decided to use the Facebook Lead Form to drive leads. This can sometimes provide a lower quality lead, but those leads will be significantly cheaper – and we didn’t have to build a landing page.

We then came up with a concept we thought would be appealing to potential customers of STOKEDNZ, created the campaign, and used our favourite (and top secret – we can’t share everything) audience to deliver the ads.

These were then sent into the custom built flow.

The Results

What followed was on of the most successful email sign up campaigns I’ve ever seen. Over the course of 3 months, we sent 1507 new leads to their mailing list at an average cost of less than $2 per sign up.

Most impressively, these ads paid for themselves with an average of 2x Return on Ad Spend within Facebook.

Those leads went on to spend $37,760 since signing up, which means the total Return on Ad Spend is over 12x. And this is only 3 months into the campaign – we can only guess at this point, but it’s likely this will continue to increase.

The best part, almost half of those who signed up are ‘very engaged’ subscribers!

What STOKEDNZ have to say:

“I reached out to Dahna for a Facebook ad account audit because I was working with a different agency that was performing sooooo bad. (But it was right when the i.os stuff changed so I wanted a second opinion). I fired the other agency and began with Dahna right away.

I like that she is straightforward, easy to communicate with and helpful to bounce ideas off of for a launch, working with influencers and other general marketing questions. On occasion when the ad account is underperforming (because of circumstances outside of our control, like the media, floods, war, etc) , she comes up with innovative ways to get it back on track.

Dahna is super easy to work with.”

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