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Influencer marketing is an amazing way to boost your business, reach new people and get amazing imagery you may have a hard time getting otherwise. You’re able to tap into their audience and skills – but I find that many people aren’t using these powerhouses to their full potential.
I want to share the ways you can take influencer marketing further and some things to note when you are looking at hiring an influencer.
Firstly, a note. Influencers are not magic. They will not save a struggling business, and you likely won’t notice a huge boost in sales from one influencer. However, as a part of a broader strategy, they are fantastic.

Having a strategy.

As I said, influencers are not magic, they are needed as part of a broader strategy. Just like one Instagram post won’t flood your business with sales, one post on their page won’t do the same either. You need to work on building relationships with influencers that fit your business and target market. Then you’ll start to get those sales. Test and trial a number of influencers and get a feel for who might be a good fit for your brand and go from there.

Boost the reach by using paid ads.

Honestly, this is one of the most powerful ways we utilise Influencers. Yes, they often make sales in their own right, but put some dollars behind them and a crafted ad strategy – and that’s where the real success lies!
One influencer has generated over $30,000 and often as high as a 16x ROAS from using that content in our ads since we started working with them. Considering they only cost around $1500 to work with them, that’s a stella return.
Please do keep in mind that using influencer content in paid ads usually costs extra, but in my experience has been worth every penny.

Feature the content on the site and in emails.

I think people forget they’ve paid for this content, you’re (usually -always worth confirming) allowed to use this content on other organic platforms.
Can you do an email blast featuring the influencer, can you do a blog post on them? Think about ways you can show your audience the influencer in action, not only does this help your business it boosts the influencer’s audience (and your relationship with them).
It often also does really well for sales, as you’re showing your product being used by real people and giving you access to the imagery you didn’t have before.
Did you know we offer influencer management to our ad clients? We do this because we know how well it can work when promoted through advertising.
If you’re interested, book a free strategy session and we can discuss it!
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