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We all know the importance of Facebook Marketing (especially as an eCommerce store). However, if you’re not targeting the right audience, your advertising efforts could be wasted. That’s why getting your audience right is essential for successful Facebook advertising.

But how do you make sure you’re targeting the right audience?

One of my favourite strategies is to stack your audiences. This means layering your audiences using the narrow function, rather than just adding them all together which is how everyone always starts out. When you add audiences together, it becomes an “or” statement. For example, if you’re targeting people who are interested in fashion OR beauty, you’re casting a wide net that might not be very targeted. However, if you stack audiences using the narrow function, it becomes an “and” statement. For example, if you’re targeting people who are interested in fashion AND beauty, you’re narrowing your audience and making it more targeted. But we can do better than that!

To provide some specific examples, here are two ways you can stack your audiences:

  1. Stack audiences based on interests: Let’s say you’re advertising a new line of organic skincare products. Rather than targeting people who are interested in skincare OR organic products, you could stack these audiences to target people who are interested in skincare AND organic products. This will help you reach a more targeted audience of people who are likely to be interested in your products. You can go even further and target people who like skincare AND organic products AND engaged shoppers (so you know they often buy online)
  2. Stack audiences based on behaviors: Facebook allows you to target people based on their behaviors, such as people who have recently engaged with your Facebook page or people who have made a purchase on your website. By stacking these audiences with other targeting options, you can create a highly targeted audience of people who are more likely to convert. For example, people who have recently engaged with your Facebook or Instagram pages AND who are engaged shoppers, or perhaps if you launch a new line that is a bit different, you could try as above AND who have kids (if your new range is for parents).

Think outside the box

Testing weird and wonderful ways of finding your audience can also be effective. Maybe your product or service isn’t directly related to luxury travel, but by testing that audience you may find that they have an interest in high-end goods. Similarly, targeting people interested in festivals may not seem directly related to your product or service, but you may find that younger generations who attend festivals are also interested in what you have to offer. Sometimes our most successful audiences are the weirder ones, usually because they have less competition, everyone selling fashion uses fashion interests, so it’s good to think about what else your audience has in common.

Optimise your audiences

Once you’ve stacked your audiences and created your ads, it’s important to test and optimise them. Finding the right audience for your Facebook ads is not a one-time thing. It’s an ongoing process that requires testing and optimization. Therefore, it’s important to test different audience combinations, ad formats, ad copies, and so on, and optimize them based on the data you collect.
We see the most success in changing up audiences, and are always on the hunt for a better, more profitable audience. You should be too.
To optimise your Facebook ads, you also need to track and measure their performance. This means setting up conversion tracking, analysing the data, and making data-driven decisions. Therefore, it’s important to track and measure your ads, and make adjustments based on the data you collect. I always like to focus on Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and how much you’re actually seeing come through dollar wise.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the process of targeting the right audience, testing and optimising your ads, or tracking and measuring their performance, don’t worry. We’re here to help. We offer free strategy sessions to help you optimize your Facebook advertising and get the results you’re looking for.

Book in your session today and take your advertising to the next level.

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