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Return on ad spend


Growth through Facebook ads

Peter Williams Riding Apparel is an extremely well-established Australian brand that has been providing the equestrian world with high-quality riding apparel for over 50 years. After establishing an amazing reputation with customers across Australia, New Zealand and the USA it was time for a new website and to start promoting the brand online with Facebook Ads. This is where Bright Red Marketing stepped in to help.

The problem

There are all kinds of challenges to overcome when a brand is starting from scratch with a new online presence or starting with Facebook ads when you’ve only boosted the occasional post. One of these challenges is establishing what resonates with your target market online. It might seem counterintuitive, but your best selling product in stores, might not necessarily be your best selling product online.

The same is true for imagery and messaging – the exact same image and tag line that worked so well for your print magazine editorial, might not translate as well to an online audience. The key is to use the data that you have available to you, including the wealth of knowledge that a client like Peter Williams Riding Apparel can bring to the table and then test, test, test.

The solution

Don’t assume, test.

We already knew that Peter Williams’ has an amazing reputation and the highest quality products. So we were confident that if we were able to get in front of the right audience and show that audience the right kind of ads, we would be able to establish a massive online following with dedicated life-long customers.

We honed in on 3 key points:

  • Who is the ideal online customer?

  • What images will resonate with this audience?

  • What type of ads yield the best results?

After weeks of testing and analysing we end up with a wealth of invaluable information that we now use to create our highly successful advertising campaigns and funnels. One of our best takeaways was that images taken by customers far out performed the professional photography you can find on their website. Again, this seems totally counterintuitive and is the exact reason why testing is so important for the success of any online advertising strategy, but particularly when you are starting from scratch.

The result

By testing frequently, scaling slowly, and analysing often, we have been able to achieve consistent positive growth every month, averaging an impressive 4-6 return on ad spend.

Last month was our best yet. Not only did we have 600,000 impressions and a 6.06 return on ad spend throughout the entire account, one of the campaigns saw an unbelievable return on ad spend of 28. The results we are seeing in this account are a direct reflection of the effort and time that was allowed to the testing process. Since we’ve started working with Peter Williams Riding Apparel, the business has grown four-fold and we continue to test and scale their campaigns.

What Helen from Peter Williams Riding Apparel had to say:

“It is such a relief to take the stress of online marketing out of our day to day operations and hand it over to Bright Red Marketing. We have absolute confidence and trust in their ability to market appropriately & successfully, whilst knowing they carefully scrutinise the performance of our ads to give us the best value for money possible. The increased exposure we now have as a result is incredibly exciting for our business looking into the future, and has also helped drive sales into our bricks and mortar stockists due to better brand awareness.”

Want to achieve results like this? Book a free ad account audit with us today and we will see where improvements can be made and if we can help!

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