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I often get asked what type of ad should I run when I’m first starting out with Facebook ads?
I also often get asked what is missing from most people’s ad strategy?
Perhaps, surprisingly, the answer is the same. The Lead Gen ad.
The Lead Gen ad you ask? As much as I LOVE Facebook and Instagram ads for what they can do for your business I’m not ignorant of the fact that they aren’t infallible. I’ve had client ad accounts go down for no reason, we’ve seen social platforms come and go, accounts get hacked or lost, engagement goes down, costs go up – the list is endless. And as much as I love Facebook and Instagram ads, at the end of the day, you’re working on a platform that you do not own. And to build a business on something you don’t own, well, that’s a scary proposition.
Your email list, however, you completely own. It’s yours, no one can touch it unless you accidentally delete it or do super dodgy things and get shut down – but you’d never do that… right?

Your email list should be a top priority.

If you’ve got an existing strategy, whether you’re spending $50 a day or $5000 a day, building your email list should be a top priority, for a lot of the same reasons as above.

There are two ways to do a Lead Gen Ad, and they have their pros and cons.

Option 1: The Facebook Lead Gen Ad

  • Super easy to set up
  • Very cheap leads
  • Links into your Klaviyo directly or you can use a Zapier integration
  • Easy to change forms and text
  • Often the leads aren’t AS good
  • Can’t add a lot of extra text to build a relationship

Option 2: A Landing Page Lead Gen Ad

  • A better quality lead
  • A warmer lead, they’ve had a better introduction to you
  • They’ve been to your website, which means the pixel can track them
  • You have to build a custom landing page and set up the integration manually which requires a bit more tech
  • They can be more expensive, in our experience 2-3x as much, but can be worth it (always good to test!)
Both are great options, and you can’t go wrong with either. If there is one thing you take from this it’s the power of the lead gen ad. Whether you’re spending $5 a day or $5000, it’s one to start work on right away. You never know what tomorrow will bring in Facebook-land and having something you own, is always going to be the best thing for your business!
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