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There is nothing worse than having your ad account disabled, especially when you KNOW you’ve done nothing wrong.

If you’ve broken Facebook policy which you can read here: you deserve some time in Facebook jail, but for the rest of us who get incorrectly snapped up by Facebook AI – this one’s for you.

Step 1:

Make sure you’ve reviewed the above policies. Sometimes they do make changes, so it’s worth staying on top of them to make sure you’re the goodie two shoes you think you are.

Step 2:

Log an appeal. Usually next to the giant red “You’re ad account has been disabled” alert, there will be an option to appeal this. Very politely explain to Facebook that you don’t believe you’ve done anything wrong, and are very sorry if you have and would like to fix it.

Step 3:

Get very familiar with Facebook chat – you can find a Facebook Concierge Support person at they are sometimes helpful, but often not due to the way Facebook sorts their teams so they can’t talk to each other.

Step 4:

Take up yoga to work on your patience while you wait. Unfortunately, the review process takes as long as the review process takes. At the moment – with COVID-19 and staffing issues within Facebook it’s taking significantly longer than usual to have ad accounts reviewed.

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Step 5:

Reach out to an account manager (if you have one) – or if you have friends who have one. This can sometimes speed up the process. But not always.

Step 6:

Make sure you’ve got a really good email list-building strategy. Whether this is through using competitions (check out our podcast on how to run a good competition with Suki from Origami Globe) or downloads, ebooks, or a first-time shopper discount. Having a good email strategy can save your bacon when Facebook goes down.

Step 7:

Set up a back up account. Creating a new ad account when you’re disabled is against Facebook terms, so make a back up while you’re still active to stop this from happening so you can still run ads, even if you get incorrectly disabled.

Do not do this if you’re actively breaking terms of service as a back up plan. Follow the policy, it’s not hard.

And after all that waiting is done, if you’ve really not done anything wrong, you can celebrate your ad account being live again!

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Bonus Step:

Have hired us prior to your ad account going down. We’ve recently discovered a very sneaky, but totally legit, genius way of getting ad accounts reviewed faster – but unfortunately, it’s too good to share publicly. If you bribe me with chocolates I might share though…

The important thing to remember – Facebook is a HUGE boost to your business, well it can be if it’s done well, but you don’t want all your eggs in one basket. As soon as you can invest in email specialists, google ads, and other advertising platforms. Look at influencers and other marketing strategies. We live and breathe Facebook ads here, but we know the realities of it especially well. You can’t build a long-term successful business with all your eggs in one basket!

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